Sahan light fixture installed in a large entryway

Sputnik light fixtures may be today’s biggest trend, but the style is rooted deep in the history of space travel, national rivalries and the Cold War. It was no bigger than a beach ball, and weighed less than 190 pounds. It burned out in three months, but it’s sleek, futuristic design launched a revolution in the way people perceived fashion, art, and interior decoration for decades to come.
When it comes to interior design in particular, things haven’t been the same since the relatively unsophisticated spherical satellite was launched into elliptical orbit in October 1957. It started an international war to dominate space, but it also influenced modern home design and architecture.
Rhome Light Fixture in Black Finish shown installed over a dining area adjacent to a kitchen

  It was an eye-awakening moment for the West--the simple design became an iconic image that fashion runways echoed, and the influence of space age technology inspired interior designers and creators to celebrate modern futurism. Luckily for us, 2019 holds thousands of different lighting variations to choose from which celebrate this iconic modern style. Here’s a rundown of a few of our most popular Sputnik chandeliers!
Close up view of the glass globes and brass arm of the Rhome light fixture

Rhome, for example, is an artist’s assemblage that floats above any room. Its extensions in antique brass or acid matte black recall the Space Age marvels of late 20th-century style. Retro, Industrial, or Mid-century Modern, Rhome is a perfect merger of form and function. Its branches are joined to extend organically and originally to end in clear glass shades.


The Cicero sputnik chandelier shifts the perception slightly, favoring straight lines and the smoked glass. Each arm holds long-lasting, energy-efficient LED-lit glass cubes. The geometric water glass geodes feature a textured swirl surface and makes a true one-of-a-kind fixture. Intriguing during the day, it brings the stars into the room at night. Living room, dining room, kitchen, or game room, Triton adds intrigue and engagement to any room. 

The Simone gold sputnik chandelier has six antique brass geometric arms join at odd angles. The whole apparatus hangs delicately from a stem that lets the fixture float and turn.
Sahan Light Fixture shown against a white background

Sahan offers another take on the idea. It literally takes it in another direction. Gold-like joints and branches lead in geometric lines to smoky glass shades. Sahan is a sculpture that hangs from tall ceilings to add a dramatic and unique artistic statement to singular architectural spaces.

    And, there’s the Hazel. A mat black metal holds the branching lights and give a natural look of a thriving tree. Twenty-seven 4-Watt LED bulbs transmit light down the rods to bounce illumination to and from other rods while they disburse and deploy illumination through the glass balls. It reconfigures Sputnik for those who remember or suggests a fireball or comet to others.
    The Sputnik theme dates to the late 1950s, but its excitement and promise command attention today. These examples are thoroughly modern, work with almost any period conception, and suggest even more to come.

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