Luxury Lighting Design Trends from The Vault

Lighting Design Trend to Watch: Matte Metals
It’s always a question of balance. Shiny and glittery have their place. But, subtle and finish are trending now. There’s something warm and comforting about matte metals. In deep colors and touchable finishes, they bring something to contemporary décor without...
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Vintage Lighting Fixtures and Design
When you’re discussing interior décor, “vintage” does not mean “old” or “old-fashioned.” It refers to well-selected items from a past era. Vintage is a flavor or hint of something once well-done. It uses something old, something borrowed, and something pale...
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Luxurious yet Industrial Lighting Design
Luxury and industry seem contradictory visions. Luxurious evokes thoughts of fluid lines, excessive fabrics, rich colors, and more, more, more of everything. Industrial suggests straight lines, minimalist features, gray metallics, and less, less, less of everything. Luxurious Today, luxury living...
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