Decorative Wall Lights and Wall Sconces

Decorative Wall Lights and Wall Sconces
Wall lights have always seemed an afterthought. They’ve been a subtle accent or task light, framing mirrors in the bath.
Doing their job, they have rarely been stunning or outstanding. But, decorative wall lights are making a new statement in interior design.

Why place wall lights?

Wall sconces can be functional, complementary, or stand-alone fixtures. That versatility has made the “old” new again.
Regardless of the ceiling height, you’ll want to place the center of the light approximately 5-feet from the floor. Depending on the lamp’s design, that may put the base a little above or below that 5-foot mark.
They are most effective about 6-feet apart. Sometimes, that might be determined by a dramatic furniture piece or the architecture of the room.
  •  Floorplans with sizeable and spacious foyers seem larger with a wall light. They provide a light without surrendering space to table and floor lamps. The right wall sconce is welcoming, functional, and engaging.
  •  Wall sconces can light an enclosed porch or an outdoor dining area. They can match or mix with pendants and other lighting.
  •  Sconces can highlight a hallway when hung in sequence. A single wall light where a hallway ends or turns also offer direction for residents and guests.
  •  Wall lights will always frame bath mirrors, but they can also accent a fine piece of art, a dramatic wall treatment, or an architectural feature like a fireplace or setback.

Trending decorative wall lights

The Endymion fits those functional tasks with a flair. Its blend of glass balls, opal acrylic, and dark powder-coated bronze rings a contemporary vibe to any setting. Light pierces and bounces off each crystal. And, attached to a dimmer, this wall light can change the mood of the room.
Endymion is a large lamp projecting 13-inches from the wall and 35-inches top to bottom from its base. If you visualize this tall cylinder and the light it throws, you can see it at the end of your hall or paired in your foyer.
The Starling wall sconce, on the other hand, makes a bolder statement. The Starling bursts from the wall with multiple rays and glass globes. It’s an explosion of fascination and engagement.
Starling is unremittingly modern, but stars are always nostalgic, too. That inventive combination of trends fit any contemporary décor in polished nickel and clear ribbed glass balls. Big as it looks, this wall light is only 12 by 12-inches, projecting 6.5-inches from its base. So, despite its impression, it can be a subtle accent with the crystals enlarging the light from modest 25-watt bulbs.

Decorative wall lights

Wall lights might frame a bed headboard to provide reading light. They may brighten a makeup or shaving mirror. But, in addition to these task functions, wall lights can decorate rooms with ambient and accent lighting. They can also add attention to room details and light areas to create visual interest and mood. They are no longer an after thought in your lighting plan.