Modern bronze chandeliers look nothing like they once did. From streamlined modern bronze pendant lighting to geometric sputnik chandeliers, it seems that bronze lighting is having a resurgence in contemporary interior design. This may come as a surprise, but when you break it down, bronze is the natural next step in combining understated modern minimalism with some of the more flashy Mid Century décor elements.



Bronze ceiling light fixtures lack the shiny, golden tones of brass, yet still hold all the same warmth when the light hits just right. This subtle gleam presents a more mellow and subdued glow. The result is a muted, dark metal that is more in line with the matte black look of the Scandinavian design aesthetic.  Bronze is more subtle than brass, making it more compatible with varied design themes and motifs. Designers can mix metals, textures, and finish colors to create a space that is truly unique.



Highly ductile, bronze has been used to decorate major architectural projects for centuries. It has stood the test of time, with examples dating back to ancient Babylon, China, Greece, and Rome. It played a role in every major school of design from Victorian and Art Deco, to Nouveau, and Mid-century Modern.



Today, contemporary designers are using bronze in unique new ways. Gone are the baroque intricacies and floral motifs. Today’s bronze lighting is made new by sleek and futuristic silhouettes, slim profiles, matte surfaces and innovative design. Functionality and simplicity, with industrial elements.




There’s nothing traditional about our Trio Pendant. It offers a bold yet simple silhouette with three LED-lit tubes that jut from satin oil-rubbed bronze sockets. Each arm is adjustable, offering a semi-custom configuration. The slight gleam of oil rubbed bronze offers a touch of warmth to Trio’s strikingly contemporary design.



The Simone Pendant works as a magic. This contemporary sputnik ceiling light also offers a semi-adjustable design, creating a custom look. Six floating arms that balance along the satin brass edges- each illuminated by an LED-lit glass ball.



Kessa is modern with a Minimalist vibe, and it is contemporary with a touch of industrial engineering. Still, the soft tempered bronze tone creates something intriguing to stand out against the designs of the past 5 seasons.




The warmth of bronze softens the edges of today’s stark black and white design themes, and helps bring together some of today’s biggest design trends.



Written by Chelsey Loya

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