Your home should be a sanctuary where you recharge. It should also embrace that elevated touch with the use of luxury ceiling lights.
Vault is your ultimate destination when it comes to affordable luxury lighting to add that elevated touch. Luxury shouldn't be untouchable. Here are some of our favorite Vault light options under $500.

Millie Pendant $179

Millie is one of our more minimal pendant light designs. This light fixture is a great kitchen, bathroom or bedroom fixture. Because of Terrazzo’s nature in design, no two light fixtures will be alike, making this a unique option.

Rhome II Pendant $139

The Rhome II Pendant is a futuristic LED pendant light. Its shades are chrome-plated acrylic rather than glass to create a special mirror effect. The Rhome II Pendant is one of our best sellers.

Regan Dome Pendant $315

If you're looking for the perfect light to compliment your mid-century inspired space, the Regan Dome Pendant may be the perfect option! This pendant makes a great living room light or above the kitchen counter light.

 Simone Sputnik Pendant $479

Simone has a perfect mixture of modern and contemporary lines. This semi-adjustable pendant light adds dimension to your chosen space while uplifting the mood.

Talin Chandelier $499.99

Talin consists of clean lines, adding a modern feel and warmth to any space in a sophisticated way. Clear glass shades add a contemporary while classic look to this candle chandelier, the perfect element in your transitional décor.

 Seneca Pendant $489

Seneca is a transitional chandelier with updated traditional styling that imitates a candle chandelier. Its subtle angular details and tapering offer a more modern, architectural look to the candelabra chandelier body. Seneca makes the perfect addition to any room, particularly as a statement kitchen ceiling light or bedroom ceiling light.

 Triton Pendant $399.99

Triton is an aesthetic beauty. The sputnik pendant lightwill add dimension into your living space. You cannot go wrong with Triton.

Knox Matte Black Modern Pendant $499

Knox adds a modern architectural design element to your chosen space. Its elegant, minimalist modern pendant light design won’t disappoint you.

 Samuel Pendant $499

Samuel is a futuristic, contemporary metal pendant. Samuel has the potential to look amazing in any space, whether you have a traditional or more modern interior.

Lamont Antique Pendant $449

Lamont is a geometric pendant light that offers a moody but cozy ambiance. This chic industrial pendant light may complement a pretty farmhouse themed interior or art deco vibe depending on your preference.
With Vault, affordable luxury is at your doorstep.

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