Why Your Bathroom Light Fixtures Shouldn't be an Afterthought

When we start thinking about choosing the right light fixtures for our living spaces, we tend to think of the bathroom last. Since light plays such an essential role in any area, we'd love to share a few of our personal favorites with you from The Vault catalog, specifically bathroom wall light sconces. 

Bathroom light fixtures shouldn't be an afterthought for many reasons, but if you're heavily reliant on your bathroom mirror for your morning or nighttime routine, it's crucial the light fixtures bring out your best self. It's incredible what the right bathroom wall light sconces or ceiling lights can do. 

If you're looking to update your light fixtures, we've got five incredible wall sconces that have been hand-selected by our staff (the people who know the most about them!) as their current favorites. 

Already have light fixtures that work? Great! This guide is not meant to be the definitive guide to our bathroom wall light sconces, but we at least hope you can find inspiration in these choices, perhaps even for future updates to your living space. 

How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Wall Light Sconces

With the staggering number of choices available to us today, it's a wonder we ever wind up choosing any one light fixture. Thankfully, we can begin to narrow down options as far as light fixtures go, and we can take that approach in a few ways. But, of course, the most crucial factor is your gut feeling. That's always a good place to start or end your decision-making process. 

Looking for a more cut-and-dry approach? That makes it easy - find the right light fixture that is an appropriate match for your bathroom's theme. Is your bathroom more modern than it is Art Deco? Is it a blend of both? 

Or, let's look at wall sconces even more simply. What materials do they use? Metal, glass, and light, right? Match your new light fixture to your bathroom's existing metal or glass accents. Some of the below options contain a matte black or a satin brass finish. Likewise, some of the wall sconces consist of clear or frosted glass. Find the right match, and your new lighting arrangement will feel right at home, giving your existing cozy space a simple, fresh upgrade. 

You might also want to keep in mind that, while a single wall sconce in the right place can be perfect, it's common to install two wall sconces at a time, with a popular option being to mount them on either side of the mirror/ vanity. 

Got multiple bathrooms? Perfect. Choose a different light fixture for each one! Or keep them the same. That's the beauty of it - it's up to you. So without further ado, here are five staff-picked bathroom wall light sconces. 


1. Knox Matte Black Modern Wall Sconce



Modern style is a beautiful thing, and the Knox Matte Black Modern Sconce is no exception. Its unique design suspends a lovely, frosted glass shade gracefully mid-air. The rest of the wall sconce is a smooth, matte black finish, presenting a superb contrast with the frosted glass, adding to the piece's overall elegance. In addition, the arch of the frame and low-profile plate work together to complement the shade without detracting anything.

This wall sconce would work wonders where the mood is just right, and where sleek modern style intersects with architectural design. The modern light fixture would also make an excellent choice for having two; one mounted to each side of a similarly tasteful mirror. 


2. Sana Glass Tube Wall Sconce (Backorder)


Sana glass tube wall sconce


Or maybe you're more Art Deco? The Sana Sconce is a picture of luxury and glamour of a pastime without feeling or looking dated. Carefully crafted glass tubes are staggered across this elegant sconce and accented by a clean band of polished steel across its midpoint. The intermixed polished steel tubes are also used to accent the unique shape, giving the wall sconce a fuller outline and adding that necessary touch of contemporary style.

This wall sconce would be a spectacular flourish in a contemporary Art Deco-inspired bathroom, not to mention the stunning way it casts light, setting the right mood whether you're starting your day early or readying for a good night's sleep. 


3. Solis Alabaster Wall Sconce


Solis Alabaster Wall Sconce



It's easy to appreciate the draw of minimalism in design. And it's even easier with gorgeous, modern wall lights like the Solis Alabaster Wall Sconce. The elements are simple and beautiful. But when they come together, they produce something truly remarkable. In this case, a flat, satin brass frame's arms extend outward to support a stunning 7" faux alabaster disc, as though presenting it with delight for your viewing pleasure.

See how the array of light shines through its marbled veins, creating a unique light profile that would be equal parts warm and refined. 


4. Anise Glass Wall Sconce (Pre-Order)


Ann Arbour Glass Wall Sconce


Releasing shortly in polished stainless steel, the antique black-framed variation of the Anise glass wall sconce is currently on backorder due to high demand. Gem-like in appearance, this elegant light fixture is beloved for its clean, razor-sharp lines and broad facets. 

This minimal, refined design creates an utterly unique light profile and is certain to be appreciated by those who embrace the simple and sophisticated.   


5. Puma Bowl Light Fixture (Backorder)


Puma Bowl Light



The Puma bowl light is a classic wall sconce design versatile enough to be mounted either as a wall sconce or a ceiling light. Its two-tone finish and blown opal glass shade add incredible depth to any living space.  

Modern, classic, and smart, the Puma light fixture is a classy choice for your bathroom that looks great, night or day. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Light Fixtures?

If you have any questions about the wall sconces mentioned in this article or about finding and choosing the right lighting for your living space, we're always happy to help. Shoot us an email today at info@vault-light.com or use the contact form to reach our knowledgeable representatives.

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