Create a vibrant and authentic space with some of our favorite decorative lighting.
Ambient and decorative lights work together to achieve a rich lighting design-- while adding warmth and a sense of coziness. They add a soft and homey element to your space. These lights add a nice touch whether day or night.
Ambient lights include LED ambient lighting, neon lights, overhead lights and even street lamps. Natural lights such as the sunlight or moonlight are also some examples of ambient lighting. Therefore, it could be said that all natural lights are ambient lights but not all the ambient lights are natural lights.
Wall sconces, ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps can all make great ambient lights for your home.
And Vault's bringing the best ambient light fixtures to your doorstep!

The Torrance Alabaster Pendant is one of our simplest yet elegant ceiling ambient lights. This fixture is the meaning of affordable luxury lighting. Torrance adds a natural touch to your space. Torrance's unique veining means no two Torrance pendants are the same. Looking for a unique one-of-a-kind design? Don’t look further, Torrance's your perfect fit.

If you're looking for an ambient wall sconce, our Solis Alabaster Wall Sconce is ready to *add to cart*. This nature inspired wall sconce has natural veining that gives it an almost smoke effect. When this modern sconce light is lit, an array of light shines through marbled veins, showcasing its striking definition. Whether you’re looking for hallway sconce lighting or light sconces for the bedroom, the Solis wall sconce light is a perfect fit for those with minimalist style.
Most are familiar with ambient lights but, they are not ideal for task work or showcasing an art piece. That is when you need task lighting.
Task lighting, as you could guess from the name, is ideal for task work, radiating intense and focused light. You can use task light fixtures on in different areas of your home when you need to brighten a particular spot. Task lights are essential when it comes to reading, working on a desk, preparing food or any place where you need a powerful light. Task lights could be replaced as pendants, under-cabinet lighting, floor, desk or table lights or bathroom vanity lights. When it comes to a kitchen, task lights are the key lights as well.
Let’s look into some task lighting options.


The Octavia Downlight offers functional lighting. Octavia comes in two colors, satin brass or matte black. This task light would be a perfect option above an art piece, in a bathroom or dressing room.


The Lumina Brass Picture Light is an ideal option for reading nook lighting. Lumina is minimal and adds the perfect modern touch to any space. Lumina looks perfect on the two sides of your bedroom and offers a task lighting or work perfect as a modern picture light

 And last but not least, we have our decorative lights. Decorative lights work as decorative objects for your space. They add drama, while offering a deeper, richer dimension. Think of them as jewelry for your space. They elevate the overall aesthetics of your home.

Enter Vault, our luxury lighting options offer some of the best decorative lighting for your space.


The Joie Bubble Chandelier is an elegant decorative light fixture. There’s almost something royal about this piece, making it the star of its chosen space.


The Maiven Crystal Wall Sconce is the definition of absolute beauty. This decorative wall sconce is admirable and the perfect adornment for your bedroom or corridor space. 

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