Chrome finish is sleek and modern. It adds a futuristic element to any design. Chrome uplifts its chosen space, while adding a brighter, otherworldly dimension.

It's no surprise that in 2022, creating a sacred place within your home became priority. Especially after the pandemic, people have been spending more time inside and with their inner circle; family and friends.

Now, all we want is to create an aesthetically pleasant space where we can recharge and create new memories with our loved ones. 

Earth-tones and geometric patterns that mimic nature have become very popular. Wabi Sabi; the Japanese practice of embracing imperfections is one of the other popular trends. Using rich, warm colors, wood and other natural elements, round-edged and curvy silhouettes and an abundance of organic textures are also some of the trends in 2022. As a result, statement lighting has a greater importance than ever before. 

In 2022, creating a space where you can rest and recharge while finding your inner peace is the goal. There is no doubt that there are direct and positive effects of a calming and mentally stimulating home.  A person’s mental health and overall well-being is greatly affected by their space. 

When it comes to creating an ambiance of calm while adding elements of luxury and sophistication with a hint of futuristic design, chrome is our go to.

Why chrome? Chrome is classic as well as modern, chrome is suitable for both modern and contemporary home designs. For a kitchen, it is common to match hardware and lighting fixtures, it is a proven method for tidying up a kitchen design and making the space look bigger and more open. 


The Ursa Black Pearl Chandelier is a designer favorite. Its retro style and touch of ultra-modern black pearl chrome finish make it a perfect choice for home offices, kitchen and dining room areas as well as reading nooks. This retro light fixture has eight arms which balance its unique geometric shades.


The Melrose Metallic Bubble Pendant Light is an aesthetically beautiful pendant. Melrose could be placed as a single piece or you can group them together as a cluster pendant light. Depending on the vibe you want to create, this chrome light fixture offers it all. When lit, this delicate piece almost resembles the milky way. When turned off, the polished chrome surface acts as a mirror and becomes sculptural art. The Melrose Metallic Bubble Pendant comes in gold or silver. The Melrose is available in two sizes; small and large.


Another option would be the Rhome II Wall Sconce. Rhome II Wall Sconce available in two colors; satin brass and matte black. Rhome merges futuristic themes with organic shapes and silhouettes. This wall sconce’s shades have a mirrored effect when off. 





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