For some of us, the kitchen is one of the main spaces in our home to get together and spend quality time with family after a long day at work. For others, the kitchen is a place where people gather to party, catch up and have a toast. Whichever sounds most familiar to you, whether cozy family dinners or fun gatherings and dinner parties with friends, the kitchen is an important room and needs elegant pendant lighting for the kitchen island.

The kitchen is a space where people find themselves drawing closer to one another. It’s a space where people connect by sharing time together through communication, cooking and eating. Since it’s such an important space, it should have complementary lighting that uplifts and creates a warm, stylish and contemporary atmosphere.  

For larger kitchens with kitchen islands, you could consider a couple of pendants or even a cluster floating above. A beautiful kitchen island could be the heart of the kitchen. In that case, we suggest you use a larger light fixture to make it stand out even more. 



The Lamont Seeded Glass Pendant has an antique look. This geometric pendant would suit any sized kitchen. For a bigger island, Lamont could be placed in a pair or trio above the island. Lamont’s effortless look adds an elegant sparkle to your kitchen. 


Are you looking for a more minimal pendant lighting look? No need to look further than the Cato Glass Pendant. Cato creates a contemporary look for your kitchen. This three-glass disc pendant light offers a 70s interior design look. It is timeless and authentic. And to top it all off, the Cato Glass Pendant is on sale for the holidays!


The Regan Dome Pendant is another minimalist design with a modern twist. Regan light fixtures have a simple arc that complements traditional and modern decor styles. The gold leaf interior adds a touch of opulence and creates a balanced industrial look. It’s the perfect way to add some depth to your kitchen. 


Looking for a multi-light pendant light? Let us introduce you to Simone. The Simone Sputnik Bubble Pendant is an absolute beauty. This sputnik pendant light fixture adds delicacy and attentiveness. It’s simple, yet effective. 


Since we are talking about elegance, we could not miss the opportunity to introduce you to Palmer. The Palmer Modern Minimal Pendant is a statement maker. This pendant light speaks for itself. Its clean lines and simple geometric shape combine with its linen fabric to create a beautiful linen pendant light. Imagine it on each side of your kitchen island while preparing for a family dinner.

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