As you know, bathroom spaces are essential. They’re one of the most components of a home and so they should be carefully thought out.
The 2023 New Year means bold new trends that may take take your designs to that dreamy bathroom catalogue level.

You probably know by now that backlit mirrors are a hit and if you’re into this trend, we recommend a ceiling light and not the more traditional wall sconce look. With your mirror, a more minimal design may best compliment it. The Eden Single Pendant may be your best option as its delicacy allows the mirror to still be the main focus all while taking harmony into account.


Blushing, peachy tile and marble bathroom vanities are very on trend at the moment. And although this trend may perplex some as too feminine, clay-tones are also a close option while offering a more gender-neutral touch. It is calm, minimal while opulent.

Adding a brass lighting fixture will take this trend to new limits. Vault’s Odin Modern Wall Sconce is the perfect complementary fixture to your elegant space. Odin’s simple nature adds a moody glow and makes a perfect 2023 bathroom look. 

Japandi-style wooden wall panels are it right now. Vertical lines are a very popular choice for bathroom spaces. They're calming and easily elevate your space. They're simple, confident and clean. For a space like this you'd need a statement maker all while still being complimentary, lighting that speaks for itself without adding clutter.  We think the Drake Geometric Black Pendant is perfect for bathroom vanities. Just imagine Drake on each side of your mirror, adding the perfect dramatic touch.
Another popular 2023 bathroom design is retro bathrooms with a modern touch. Their design could include darker tones and wallpaper with large designs. For this specific style of interior design, it is best to mix the old with the new while playing with dark color tones and soft adornments . A beautiful, clean line wall sconce could offer the perfect modern contrast to this darker retro space. The Sana Glass Wall Sconce would be the perfect fit with its clean lines and contrasting light design.
And last but not least, we have spa-inspired bathrooms. A spa-like bathroom adds a place of comfort, decompression, and relaxation to your home. It’s a place to refresh your state of mind.  This design needs an overall minimalist, less-is-more approach. Bright colors and bamboo add that spa-like vibe. Big bath tubs are often ideal to create that personal sanctuary. To add a bit of luxury to such a space while still keeping things minimal we think the Quentin Hoop Chandelier would be the perfect addition. It is elegant and effortless, all while adding visual satisfaction.

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