The living room is the heart of the house, no matter the size or design you choose. It is the area in which people gather, spend time, watch movies or sports, and have a good time often after a long day. 

We believe the heart of your home needs special attention and we are here to provide that love! 

In 2023, Vault brings the latest trends in lighting, all while delivering classic yet modern design right to your door step. 

But, before choosing the right light fixtures, there are some questions you must ask. 

What style does your overall house exude? Is it minimalistic, luxury, mid-century or perhaps contemporary?

Perhaps you want to create an illusion that makes your space look bigger by separating the room and creating a completely different vibe? 

Another important thing is to set up the right amount of lighting for the right purpose. What is the main purpose? Are we styling to get a cozy, warm and inviting corner or do you want to be able to work in your living room? What are you aiming for? 


If you're looking for modern luxury, the Melrose Bubble Pendant is your perfect fit. Imagine Melrose glimpsing at you and your guests at a dinner party. This simple and effortlessly beautiful light fixture takes your living room to the next level. We especially love it when installed as a cluster. And we offer both a small and larger option so you can make endless combinations.


But hey, don’t worry if you are on the minimalist side! You can still create a beautiful and elegant look by using our minimalist Eden Pendant. Depending on your space size, you can use Eden as a cluster while adding just the perfect amount of glam.


Mid-century modern lovers, we also got you! We know you are looking for more simple, clean lines with that traditional touch. The Seneca Transitional Pendant is for our traditional yet modern friends.  


Maybe you are looking for a natural touch and a complementary organic look for your fireplace. Then don’t look any further than Vault’s Alleta Glass Pendant. Alleta adds a natural vibe with its dark brown or light brown leather wrapping. The Alleta is the perfect touch while creating an authentic and cozy corner right across your fireplace. 


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