Historically, farmhouses were buildings that combined farm animals and agricultural settings with a living space. It is a perfect set-up for rural areas with vast land to grow plants, vegetables or even having your own chicken coop. 
In 2023, many will take a que from that farmhouse style while adding a modern twist. Modern farmhouse decor now has an elevated look. In fact, lots of homeowners are looking to create this elevated European farmhouse style by incorporating large windows, high ceilings, big open spaces, and a combination of modern yet rustic-chic style interiors. This brings us to rustic-chic. Rustic-chic is basically the harmonious combination of raw, natural wood materials with simple yet fashionable interior design materials.
Imagine an A frame farmhouse, with high wood ceilings and clean black window frames. A soft wall color with pebbles around the fire pit combined with brass fixtures. This is what a perfect rustic farmhouse design could look like. Feeling at peace in your home through decor is possible, no getaway needed.
We believe that with the right addition of lighting fixtures, you can achieve a homey, chic and comfortable home. A place where you unplug and recharge! 
Let’s start with some options for your walls. Vault has a variety of wall sconce options that will perfectly match your farmhouse inspired home. 
Odin’s simple design ties in perfectly with large framed windows. Depending on the colors of your window frame, you can choose between matte black or brass. We recommend matte black if you have black hardware or accents around your space.
Puma is another great alternative when it comes to Vault’s wall sconces. The Puma wall sconce is great when repeated around living room walls. Depending on your space’s size, we recommend to use two or more. Imagine them placed along to the left and right sides of your couch.  
Lamont is a geometric lighting fixture perfect for high ceilings and A frame farmhouses. We suggest hanging two or more Lamont Pendants. This antique pendant light offers a soft and moody glow for your modern farmhouse decor. The Lamont antique pendant comes in two different colors: stainless steel or satin brass. 
Our next option is for those that opt for more of an industrial look. The Vulcan LED light offers a refined touch. The Vulcan pendant light combines the simplicity of Nordic design with the elegance of contemporary styles, resulting in this chic transitional pendant light perfect for your farmhouse inspired setting.
The Redford is the ultimate chandelier for those looking to add a contemporary element to their farmhouse setting. The Redford’s leather adds a natural vibe to your farmhouse. This classic yet charming fixture would look great in a living room above the coffee table. Bringing together mystery and romance, this large farmhouse chandelier adds a historical element to any home and imitates a candle chandelier. 
Last but not least, lighting options for a modern farmhouse decor look. A farmhouse doesn’t necessarily need to be decorated with classic or rustic elements. You can surely decorate your farmhouse with a modern approach. For anyone who like a revolutionary look, Vault’s Rylan Alabaster Moon Sconce is the ideal option. Rylan has a balance of simplicity and  richness all together. It features real alabaster stone with unique veins, therefore no two alabaster wall sconces would be identical. Rylan adds modern minimal design with its natural elegance. 

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