Let’s talk about interior design dining room ideas. Imagine a large dining room table fitting all your family members for the holidays. Or maybe you prefer a smaller table size for your closest loved ones. No matter your preference in group and table size, consider a lovely and inviting dining room ambiance using dining room wall sconces. 
Today we’re going to focus on a bit of a different take on dining room lighting. Traditionally, most add a pendant or chandelier above their dining room table. But there are other design options. Imagine that restaurant setting, the warm cozy one, now in your own home. Here’s how to create just enough light to set the tone and  win in the dining room game of design.


Imagine coming back home after a productive day at work and having a little celebration with your partner. You cooked your comfort food, have a glass wine in hand and you’re getting cozy. For this set up, we need the right tune. Vault’s Justine wall sconce offers just that. It has just the right amount of shadow and light to create a romantic yet playful atmosphere. Imagine the Justine wall sconce  adding to a perfect ambiance in your dining room.


Let’s talk about parents with kids. Maybe you’re new parents and need a peaceful wind down for the evening. The kids just went to bed, and you want to relax and recharge before another busy day. The Lennox Alabaster Wall Sconce may be your perfect fit! The Lennox is chic and the natural alabaster creates a calming effect. The Lennox Wall Sconce features natural, simple lines that blend into your dining room. You can relax and prepare your night tea, maybe read a couple of pages of your favorite book. The Lennox may be your best fit.


Maybe you just moved into your new house and want to create a beautiful dining room where you can gather your family for the first time. We’ve got you! With the right design and set-up, your dinner parties will be a hit. Enter Behn. The Behn Wall Sconce has a refined touch. Behn is simple, yet intricate enough to create that Wow effect. Its simple clean body lines add the right glow to any space. Depending on the size of your dining room, you can combine two or more in your dining room. 


Last but not least dining room ideas for those that love natural art. We feel your craving of innovative and fun ideas that incorporate texture and that is why the Rylan Alabaster Moon Wall Sconce is the ideal match for you. Rylan is minimal and can elevate your colorful walls. Rylan has the perfect round alabaster feature with unique veins that make no two alike. Its minimalistic matte black metal frame accents its shade, making it stand out. Don’t be afraid to use multiples of the Rylan Moon Wall Sconce around your walls to create a beautiful work of art.

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