Mid-Century Modern Wall Sconce Ideas 
It’s been said that the Mid-Century Modern concept came to light after being used by author Cara Greenberg’s 1984 book called Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s. The phrase was used to describe mid-20th century architecture and design. 
Later “Mid-Century Modern” entered the mainstream vocabulary around 1953, and generally characterized the architecture, graphic and furniture design created and used around 1933 to 1965s. We've seen this mid-century modern décor trend many times on Pinterest and on our favorite influencers' feeds as this trend has made its comeback.
Mid-Century Modern was influenced by Bauhaus and American high-prairie style homes. In Mid-Century Modern, functionality comes first, and minimalistic simple design is more favorable. Using mixed materials to create an interest is also a common approach. You can see natural elements and colors such as wood-colored materials, metals and chrome come together. Clear glass and plexiglass materials are also highly used within this category.
For mid-century modern lighting fixtures, the overall vibe they add to a space is important. Their materials can be on the warmer side, for example brass and bronze work perfectly.
If you design your house with a mid-century modern decor approach, you might want to pair items with straight clean lines. The Samantha Wall Sconce adds a clean, minimal approach. It is a dual up-down wall sconce with minimal design. Illuminated by two lights, the Samantha would complement any room. Imagine this wall sconce next to your favorite Mid-Century Modern chairs like the Barcelona Chair. 
The Aurora Wall Sconce is another simple and naturalistic wall sconce fixture that could look perfect in your Mid-Century Modern house. The Aurora has a concrete body design elevated with brass accents. This wall sconce  adds that Bauhaus feel to your space. This light fixture would look incredible next to the Eames Mid-Century chair. 
Behn Wall Sconce is another strong option. Behn comes in 3 different color options and adds novelty while uplifting your room. Behn is sure to be noticed by your guests, as it is a more unique option when it comes to wall sconces. Perfect for your living room or bedroom. We'd love to see this light fixture paired with these other Mid-Century favorites, the Kangaroo or Shell chair. 
Creating your 2023 dream Mid-Century Modern house is possible. And the good news is Vault has plenty of wall sconces to fit your need to make that dream come true. 

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