Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideas

Before we suggest unique Mid-Century Wall Sconce alternatives to complement your Mid-Century modern decor, let’s explain what defines Mid-Century Modern. Mid-Century Modern is an architectural design that includes clean lines, muted tones, vibrant colors, while integrating indoor and outdoor motifs. The Mid-Century Modern era was popular in the United States and Europe from roughly 1945 to 1969.
In 2022, Mid-Century Modern came back to life and no doubt this trend will stay strong in 2023.

Mid-Century Modern design has a warm and inviting aesthetic while maintaining a vintage appeal. It offers a timeless prestige.

How do you create a Mid-century Modern Look?

The first step is finding bold furniture. It could be a glorious accent chair around a stone coffee table or a unique couch next to a natural wood dining table. Art pieces and geometric elements are the second step. And last but not least, updating your lighting for the ideal ambiance.
Eliminate the direct lighting and try to ease your space with a downlight. Vault brings all the flawless mid-century lighting fixtures to your door step.
 Mid-Century Modern light fixtures from Vault
Valentina Satin Brass Ceiling Light offers a warm satin touch. This light fixture can also be featured as a flush mount dining room light to beautifully brighten up your space and add moments of joy.
Augustus Modern Mid Size Chandelier offers a contemporary spin on a classic style chandelier. The narrow, angular arms make this a favorite piece for the minimalist design enthusiast.
Talin Round Chandelier represents a fusion of classic and contemporary design. Reminscent of a candlelight, this dining table chandelier adds sophistication.
Elize White Globe Pendant's white globe shades add a stylish and contemporary aspect. Layer two or three in a series to create a maximalist pendant lighting design.
Ursa Black Pearl Contemporary Retro Chandelier has a glossy modern black pearl finish. It has an unusual but pleasant, unique geometric design, making it a standout piece. Ursa adds character and personality to any space, while creating a lively feel with its abstract concept.
Marielle Mid Century Petal Chandelier is for our lovers of color. Looking for a unique, vibrant fixture which speaks for itself? Marielle may be perfect. This decorative light fixture with an elegant floral shape chandelier has a delicate blooming design.

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