Autumn Maple and its related pallet is the central fall color. Rich, russet, and reminiscent, it warms and embraces. Check a maple leaf this autumn, and you’ll see reds, reddish browns, and textured grains throughout.
Autumn Maple is close to pumpkin orange, burnt orange, and terracotta, but it’s its own color with its own memories of the country, forest, apples, and fall wines. It’s comforting and bold at the same time, and it has grown in popularity in recent years.
The color welcomes other colors just as it fits among the many colors of fall. It can it can add small accents or large statements. It’s earthy and exotic, smart and trendy. It’s the canvas for copper, brick, and ochre. It adds warmth to marina and navy blues and spruce or lime greens.
It dares to cover a wall or floor. It’s subtle enough to weave into pillow and throw fabrics. And, it matches or embraces metallics in furniture and lighting fixtures.
The Valentina, on the other hand, brings color in. The antique brass base, a circular band hides an engineered infrastructure.
From this 28-inch diameter hangs an outer ring of notched crystal tubes. But, behind that outer curtain, the warm brass metal multiplies to support the remaining tiers of crystals. With the source of the light hidden, it deploys through the faceted glass and off the internal brass to warm the area and the room.
There are an elegant shine and a softened glow. It will make a handsome statement in any setting yet warmly integrate with natural materials, wood, and rock. It brings a hint of winter warmth to natural environments.
In the contemporary room shown here, its warm presence complements the greens, blues, and the autumn maples in the walling and center table.
Autumn maple is a color that abides through any season, even where fall is not a major event. It warms eyes and hearts and settles people by the hearth. It’s a harbinger to Thanksgiving and farewell to the harvest. Autumn maple is a core natural color, hardwired in taste and design.

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