Creating lighting effects against rich colors is a major trend in contemporary interior design. Deep emerald, rich blue, warm beige, colors evoke, represent, and reflect human emotions and moods.
Mood comes with changeable accents — fabrics, pillows, candles, and books. Lighting, too, makes a difference. Your lighting must complement the room. That is, if the room is fully lit by incoming sunshine, you don’t need dramatic lighting effects. But, if the room has little or no direct light, you want fixtures that light the room but make fashion statements as well.
Consider PINA, for example. It comes in polished nickel and a traditional drum shade of white fabric It hangs 40 inches and 28 inches across. And, six 40-watt bulbs light this pendant.
But, the unique and creative part of the lamp is the clear bundle of crystal beads and orbs that hang from the middle of the shade. This inventive feature, a touch of whimsy on the traditional, extends the lighting effect and multiplies the textures and moods.
The LOREN, too, is a sculpture with texture. When turned on, this intricate rope of artistically curved and intertwined glass makes the rest of the lamp disappear. Thin polished nickel cables hang the lamp to 40 inches where it floats in a 28-inch diameter. 
It uses three 35-watt MR-16 bulbs. These multifaceted reflectors send a concentrated beam of light through and off the suspended halo of complexly wrapped glass. You can imagine its effect on moods in a dark or poorly lit room, a dining room which you have painted with dark pigment, or a master bath already designed with crystal and mirrors.
The SUTTON takes things in another direction. Restoring a vintage design with contemporary touches, the Sutton is a large fixture at 40.5 inches high and 32.25 inches diameter. Still, there is something nostalgic and elegant about it.
Five small white shades perch on arms of ribbed glass curving gently to smoked glass platforms, each with one of five 40-watt bulbs. 
At the center of this fixture is a column of clear ribbed glass assembled in graceful curves. Sutton is cozy and dramatic at once, suitable for a formal dining room or contemporary bath.

Glass, white, and a moody interior

Any of these fixtures would brighten a richly-colored room. They would brighten without deleting the impact of color, texture, and mood. They certainly don’t set the clock back but bring inspiration and artistry to the room.

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