Glittery Gold in Lighting Design

Gold makes a clear statement. Gold sends a not so subtle message of warmth, wealth, and mastery. It shines best when it contributes to but does not the dominate interior design.

Where gold had been limited to candlesticks, sconces, and other accents, it now appears in fabrics, wall treatments, paints, and more. The design trick is not to let it overwhelm a room when it could be an impressive complement on its own.

Gold in context

Gold looks best against a background of royal blue, scarlet red, or total black. But, if you want to soften the extravagance, stick with the simple and stark white. For one easy way to make the statement and still have something functional, you should consider gold and light in fixtures, such as these:


Wallace lets the glass dominate. Six 40-watt bulbs send light down scores of ribbed glass tubes in three tiers from a circle of satin brass.

The gold-like brass glows from the lamp’s interior to glow through the tubes and reflect from one tube to another. The gold at the core brightens and colors the light expended. Stunning and artistic, this elegant fixture measures 21.65" across and 33" from the ceiling.Elevate your dining room, master bedroom, or sitting room with the craftwork and brilliant design of Wallace.






Kal is ultra-contemporary. A ceiling fixture with striking simplicity and subtle artistry. The gold here is a softly finished brass. The glitter is muted to emphasize the sleek crystals hanging from the circle.

Kal hangs at 32” and 23.75” across with crystal teeth-like pendants hanging from the circumference. Bulbs hidden within the ring reflect brass to the bottom of the crystals for a subtle elegance appropriate for living areas, libraries, or master suites. Kal belongs in contemporary settings but integrates well with traditions.





Sabina is simply startling. It makes the traditional and extravagant something contemporary and elegant. A circle of antique finished bronze shines while it supports two rings of inventive glass rods.

The rods are staggered in unpredictable patterns above and below the bronze band. Tiny bulbs within the ring send light through the tubes for a spectacular and dramatic image. At 31.5” diameter and 27.5” from the ceiling, it makes a dramatic addition to the dining room.

But, this combination of art and function deserves placement in any contemporary room. It works well in a living room, large entry foyer, bedroom, or bath.


All that glitters is not Gold!

Brass, bronze, and other metals brushed to shine create individual statements or reflect and share their brilliance through glass. Lighting fixtures with bold touches of gold belong to period décor, but they can warm and determine the direction of contemporary design. Glittery gold in modern designs can make all the difference.