Geometry is fundamental to interior design. The design is a function of proportion, pattern, and shapes. 

Historically, those patterns and shapes were rounded and floral. But, accentuating the geometry for its own sake seems very contemporary. Lines, angles, tangents, arcs, and 3D impressions seem fundamentally modern.

That also goes for geometric light fixtures that play with patterns and shapes:




Venus Box Geometric Pendant Light, for example, is starkly geometric. The sharp corners, cubes, and metals seem minimalist and functional at the same time.
Nickel frame holds 5 white acrylic shades. The engineered look is modern and elegant at once. It’s a timeless look that matches with geometric wallpapers, fabrics, and carpets.
But, it contrasts well with softer impressions in draperies, walls, and floors. It’s a large lamp at 16” long, 7” wide, and 20” hung from the ceiling. It could dominate a dining room table, a pool table, a breakfast bar, or wet bar.


Maiven wall sconce may be the ultimate in geometric jewelry. An apparently careless scattering of jewels forms a brilliant look and lighting effect. The overall lamp is rectangular at 17.5” W x 8.75” H x 4” deep. But, it is composed of individual rectangles in varied sizes to add texture to the form and sparkle to the light. 

The jewels appear suspended on a field of painted antique bronze. Each sconce appears handcrafted and arranged. But, the geometry is engineered to appear textured and to reflect and share the light from behind.

There are two views here to show the ambiance and power of the design. The sconces have multiple uses as dining room highlights, mirror accents, and hallway features. These beauties would brighten a dressing room, powder room, or master bath.



is a starkly geometric shape, industrial and retro at once. There is something vintage in this pendant hanging on its simple chain. Round but not round, its every surface is flat and angled.

White acrylic panels are held in place by stained brass for a uniquely light form. It’s only 18.75” across and 18.75” from the ceiling. So, Lamont will light a corner, entry, or den. But, at this size, it can hang in a series over a bar, counter, or table.


Introducing geometric patterns and shapes

Geometric patterns and shapes are never subtle. They always make a statement in décor. Some designers will pick a shape to dominate a room and repeat it as a theme throughout. But, choosing simple and elegant shapes can weave into larger themes.

So, adding geometric shapes as accents and accessories add texture and interest to otherwise unidimensional impressions. Choosing geometric lamps and placing them well makes all the difference. 

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