For decades, choices in chandeliers were old school. Traditional brass and glass hung in colonial Williamsburg designs or extravagant imitations of French Empire modes with teardrop crystals
Chandeliers had disappeared with the movement towards open floor plans when formal dining rooms vanished. However, their back and showing up in more rooms than one.
Functionally, chandeliers no longer must light a whole room that may include other lamps or lighting fixtures. That frees designers to create revolutionary new designs hanging. Well-selected, your contemporary chandelier will be a sculpted work of art with light as part of its art.




explodes with sparkle. Eight 40-watt bulbs are secreted somewhere to bounce light off dozens of ribbed-glass globes and polished nickel. It’s a burst of energy and light that brightens and attracts attention.

At 32” across and hanging 40” from the ceiling, this pendant is big enough to stand out yet small enough to pair with another over a contemporary dining room table. Alone, it could also awaken a dark entrance or decorate a dramatic staircase.



the matching wall sconce, completes and unifies an impressive room. Mount the sconces on either side of a dominant mirror for an ultimate impression.

Just two 25-watt bulbs bring radiance to the glass gloves along the “star’s” rays, stretching up and out. Like the stars in the night’s skies, these lights twinkle and inspire.

The Starling wall sconce measures 12” W x 12” H x 6.5” projected forward in the same ribbed glass and polished nickel as the Starling pendant.




The Starling chandelier and wall sconce can make any interior remarkable. Chandeliers and wall sconces are not just for formal dining rooms anymore.

This hanging starburst will light up a modern bedroom or dressing room, and these wall sconces will dramatically highlight a hallway, bath, or dressing room. 

Operate these lamps with dimmer switches, and they manage the drama. Lower the brightness, and they will reflect lighted candles nearby. Bright, stunning, sculpted, these Starling lamps are always a surprise.


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