Brass, copper, stainless steel, wrought iron, and more! Metallic accents draw attention, highlight other textures, and break up a design palette for the better.
Shiny, mute, brushed, or polished! Metallics blend in, brighten up, or clash with the ordinary. Including metallics in your lighting plans is affordable and attractive.


BELLA is a creative “showerhead” of cascading crystals. Glass bubbles sparkle and fall from a simple polished nickel head lit with a circle of small lights. It hangs 40” below the ceiling and is 32” across. It’s a perfect accent for the bath or anyplace that needs a cooling feel.




BRADFORD  is bright and subtle at the same time. Circles of satin brass hold ribbed glass. Attention grabbing, it’s thoroughly modern with a touch of nostalgia for home or office. At 32” in diameter and 40” from the ceiling, it makes a subtle statement in large rooms, alone or in pairs.




SAHAN makes a unique impression. Sculpted and engineered to gold, matte black, and glass, glass, glass. Small bulbs light through retro globes in an asymmetrical fall of come 69” and a deceptively light diameter of 38”. The pendant dangles apparently without support to brighten a tall staircase or dim entrance foyer.




Lighting fixtures like these and more add attractive touches of metal without overwhelming the larger room design. They highlight without distracting and add elegance where it works best.

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