Retro looks back: Everything old can be new

Retro and Industrial décor dominate current trends in home and workplace interior design. But, designers are putting their creative spin on traditions to form a distinctively new approach to furniture, fabrics, tile, and lighting.


New combinations of textures, colors, and finishes invite Retro and Industrial light fixtures, proving that everything old can be new again.


Retro styles deliberately revisit once popular trends. The designer may place a vintage item in a new setting or refinish an item from the past to fit in new places. Some designers even combine classic pieces from the 1960s with those from the 1990s.

The Vault retro look:



RHOME, for example, is a fixture that evokes nostalgia for the mid-1940s. Bold, simple, and functional, it hangs to 25”. Arms and vintage and supersized filament bulbs stretch for 44” across. The black acid metal frame has factory-style joints.



Industrial looks utilitarian 

The Industrial style lacks pretension. It’s workaday and bare. It’s functional and uses basic materials. And, you might expect pipes, faucets, gears, and wheels, the things associated with the Industrial Age.

The Vault industrial look:


At 42.5” from the ceiling, URSA has a contemporary aesthetic based on simple functional needs. Such designs once lit engineering draft rooms or the lobbies at manufacturing facilities. The triangular lamps spread 49” across while hanging at 54”.  You can imagine Ursa in black pearl chrome hanging above your home office or highlighting your black and white tiled contemporary kitchen or bath.  Click here for more information







Retro & Industrial Style

Some accents and fixtures integrate Retro and Industrial styles. Designers capture industrial pieces from years gone by, and then they repurpose their materials and original forms into new uses.

The Vault retro & industrial look:

ALLETA, for example, uses gold brass, burgundy leather, and old-school light bulbs to create something markedly new. The cluster of 12 retro glass globes throws a bright light for a tall foyer or steep stairwell.

Click here for more info





The future of Retro & Industrial

Both design styles are likely to continue, especially in a format that combines the best of both. Creating lighting fixtures from materials not usually associated with décor, the designers and manufacturers are recycling materials and products to bring an earthy, hard labor touch to sleek and chic uses. And, simple as these fixtures are at the core, they bring light and energy to any room of your home.

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