Brass Lighting Décor: Trending Strongly 
Brass never disappears from the interior decorator’s portfolio. Successful use of brass in design depends on its quality, quantity, and placement. Huffington Post advised, “2018 is setting up to be a year where we wave goodbye to stainless steel and polished nickel, and welcome brass accents back into our homes. Brass is a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative to the expected steel accents.” Brass is among the oldest forms known to humans. The alloy made of copper and zinc, brass is strong, durable, and machinable. It serves people in thousands of ways, but its inherent beauty has made it a popular option for jewelry, furnishings, and decorative design. Its popularity rises and falls among decorators, but it continues to trend strongly in 2018 — when used selectively.
The “trick” to lighting with brass
Architectural Digest recommends using brass selectively, using one or two unique or outstanding pieces as accents to or the focus of a room. Elle Décor quotes decorator Natalie Kraiem, “The trick with using metallic pieces and mirrors in a single space is to mix them with different, softer textures to balance them out.”
In your planning, you might begin your plan with a central brass idea — a dominant chandelier, strategic pendants, or wall sconces. That serves as a benchmark for how much more to incorporate. For example, adding brass furnishings or accessories will only distract from the impact of the focus you want.
And, it appears the most innovative brass fixtures use brass in subtle and minimalist ways to deliver brighter lights and reflective glass. They present multiple options in terms of brass tone and texture, and they complement most trends in interior decorating. 


This pendant puts geometric angles on a sphere, an industrial look made romantic in brass and white acrylic. A single Lamont pendant might accent a hallway. Or, strategically placed, several might light but not overwhelm your bar.


There is satin brass, almost coffee in color, in the Redford chandelier. It’s a sophisticated twist on the rustic. Leather straps replace hangers or chains for a look fitting your ranch, ski condo, or country residence. At 5-feet high and 44-inches wide, it is still slight and fine in appearance.



The warm brass tone of the Valentina geometric living room ceiling light gives a luxurious yet industrial appeal. The elegant shine glass softens the chain detail.  This round glass chandelier partners with transitional interior design containing other natural materials as wood and rock. Inspired by Murano glass chandelier style, the most popular Italian lighting style, the Valentina can be also featured as a flush mount dining room light beautifully brightens up moments of joy. Upgrade your interior design with this antique brass chandelier bringing a contemporary touch to your home

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