There is something just so elemental about terracotta. As a material and color, it was once relegated to the lifestyle in Arizona and New Mexico and to pre-Columbian and Native American art.
Terracotta is rich in the clays and soils once necessary for its manufacture. But, contemporary décor has made use of its warmth and rustic beauty.
You can use terracotta boldly with clay tile flooring and stressed brick walls. A wide range of paints can add depth and drama to walls. And, some designers have linked terracotta and natural woods in floor, wall, and ceiling treatments.
Or, you can use terracotta subtly because it remains an ageless accent in fabrics, carpets, throws, and even the occasional flowerpot.
There’s the deep color of flowerpots and the softer shades of desert rose. It is natural among river rocks and the geological striations of western canyons. But, it’s now available as a wide spectrum palette of shades and hues. You’ll even find it in light fixtures.
Redford is the essence of retro rustic. Two rings of a satin-finished brass support 18 candle sockets with 40-watt flame bulbs. But, what’s smart and innovative while western and country are the richly-colored, genuine leather straps that connect the rings.
This is country living southwestern style, but it’s also a rare statement in any contemporary collection of dynamic design elements.
Redford is a casual pendant for your family room, breakfast kitchen, or outdoor living. But, it works well as a formal chandelier over a modern dining room table or living area.
At 40-inches across and 61-inches from the ceiling, the Redford catches attention and inspires conversation.
Trenton, on the other hand, is a smaller fixture, thoroughly modern in its simple geometric shapes. At 14-inches wide by 8-inches deep by 14-inches high, it is perfect for any spot in a house, but the size invites placing several Trenton fixtures in a row to light a hallway or illuminate an enclosed patio. Or, you can pair them to highlight features in any room.
Trenton is an interplay of rectangles between the powder-coated, oil-rubbed, bronze metal lantern and the soft-terracotta, faux linen shade. The single bright bulb disburses a peaceful warm glow.
Trenton is as modest as the Redford is bold. It is simple and modern while Redford is nostalgic and romantic. But, each has its place in contemporary interior design.

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