Modern light fixtures offer a wide range of design options and functionalities, allowing them to be versatile in various ways from ceiling to floor. Here are some examples with Vault:

Ceiling-Mounted Fixtures

These fixtures are installed on the ceiling and provide general illumination for a room. They come in various styles, including chandeliers, and pendant lights. The versatility of ceiling fixtures lies in the diverse designs available, allowing you to choose a luxury light fixture that complements your overall interior style, whether it's modern, traditional, industrial, or eclectic.
Sahan Mid-Century Chandelier is a perfect example of an artfully engineered beautiful modern chandelier light. Sahan gathers geometric lines, clean shapes and gold finish, createing a new interpretation for the Mid-Century modern style.
Dominic Linear Globe Mobile Pendant has a sophisticated and minimalist design. This luxurious ceiling light brings a modern feel to your dining room creating a transitional decor.

Task Lighting

Modern light fixtures are designed to cater to specific tasks, such as reading, studying, or working. Desk lamps, for instance, offer focused lighting for enhanced productivity and visual comfort. These fixtures often have adjustable arms, dimming features, and even built-in USB ports or wireless charging pads for added functionality.

Table Lamps

Rhys makes the perfect bedside wooden lamp and a desirable modern light fixture. This decorative light fixture adds a touch of warmth and comfort to your space while its clean lines and tapered design fit both classic and modern-styled rooms.

Picture Lights

LED picture lights bring your favorite wall decor to life. The Lito adjustable wall light offers a range of motion to cast the perfect amount of light and focus.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures

While primarily mounted on walls, these fixtures can also be installed closer to the floor for unique lighting effects. Wall sconces, for example, can be positioned at lower heights to create accent lighting or provide a subtle glow along a hallway or staircase. They can also be installed at eye level near the floor to create an ambient, indirect lighting effect.
With its concave metal shade in a two-tone black and satin brass finish and blown opal glass shade, this light fixture adds dimension to any space. Mount Puma on the ceiling, wall or both to add an interesting art-style installation.
Rylan Alabaster Moon Wall Sconce’s unique veining creates a rich and uplifting environment while adding natural elements to its chosen space. Its matte black finished metal frame and round alabaster shade provides luxury lighting and adds a unique balance of refined, raw, and modern design.
Overall, modern light fixtures offer an array of options to suit various needs and aesthetics. From ceiling-mounted fixtures to floor lamps and smart lighting solutions, these versatile fixtures can transform the ambiance of a space and enhance both functionality and visual appeal.

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