Imagine a festive dining room, a long dining table with arranged chairs along the sides and the end of it. Well-dressed with a beautiful table cloth, napkins, glasses and even dry flowers all around. What is missing? A dramatic, striking pendant light of course! 


Slimmer, modern and elegant pendant lights would uplift the dining experience without a doubt. And they are getting the hype in 2023.


Vault’s Simone Sputnik Bubble Pendant has a vibrant and strong presence. Its semi-adjustable and edgy configuration adds a natural spark. Sputnik fixtures are one of the trendy pendant lighting choices in 2023 and Simone would bring a modern and contemporary touch into your dining room or kitchen.


If you want to lighten up your Scandinavian designed dining room, Regan Dome Pendant is just for you. Regan’s inner gold leaf would cheer up the room and bring a jovial atmosphere. With this pendant light, you surely bring the holiday vibes into your daily life. 


Bradford Satin Brass Round Pendant is for our classic lovers. This simple and chic glass pendant light has a dramatic look. Brandford brings richness in a humble way and helps you offer a magnificent dining experience to your family and guests. 

Finally, Vesta Geometric Smoke Pendant will liven up your dining room in a big way. This treasure-looking pendant light has a charming nature. It has hammered metal and an antique brass frame that offers an earthy touch. The edgy nature adds depth. Depending on the dining table and size of the dining room, Vesta can be used singular or could be hung with two of them on the edge of the table/ close to the end of the table. 

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