Jazz Chandelier by The Vault


With so much contemporary time being spent on the go, today’s home owners are seeking living spaces that are designed for functionality and comfort to help ease the transition from busy work day to relaxing evening at home with loved ones. When it comes to the traditional living room, lighting options become a major factor to consider in everything from setting the ambiance, to providing functional lighting.

Bringing lighting form and function to the living room

The typical living room needs more than one piece to light the room. Whether it’s lighting a cozy reading nook or book-ending a fireplace mantel, designers think about how the lamp’s materials complement the planned décor. They imagine how the light reflects off the walls and surfaces, and how the other colors in the room soak it up. More opportunities create more demand for innovative solutions to all these needs. Today’s lighting market presents options that not only to fit the bill--but look good while doing it.



Augustus Chandelier by The Vault



Classic fabric shades with a modern twist

Fabric shades are making a comeback, but in a more modern and refined way. Angular shades offer a polished look where more classic flounced shades are not quite on-trend. Colored shades, and shades with a metallic sheen on the inside create an intriguing look.

The Augustus, for example, is the right size for the middle of the room or in pairs in larger rooms. The starkly simple architecture makes this a favorite for the minimalist contemporary home. The frame is finished in satin brass for a candle-like tradition, adding romance reminiscent of a more classical era.


Starling Sconce by The Vault shown installed in a living room



Wall sconces add style and function

Measuring the illumination pattern in design plans will help highlight some empty spaces. Increasingly-popular wall sconces light those corners with function and design, sometimes with patterns in the light its self when cast against a wall. Colonial formality, New England and Virginian tastes, red-brick Georgian traditions expects sconces among the mantel. Paired sconces highlight a major artwork. And, some designs accent the room’s minimalist, industrial, or art deco geometry.


Redford Chandelier by The Vault installed in a living room



Statement lighting to make your home stand out

With so many chandelier styles to choose from, it's hard to resist investing in a show-stopping piece that will wow all of your guests. Luckily there are many types of unique chandeliers available to help bring personality to your home. Textured materials like leather, glass and linen add an extra dimension to your light fixtures.


Rhome Brass Chandelier by The Vault



Sculptured sputnik designs make a personal statement that is both futuristic and earthly in form. The Rhome chandelier features almost-industrial styling, and branches across the room holding 5 glass globes. It hangs only 25-inches below the ceiling—making this a favorite for rooms without a high ceiling.


You can manually reconfigure the placement and reach of the arms to favor the room’s lighting needs. Now available in Satin Brass, the stark modernity of this unique airborne sculpture is welcome in mid-century modern environments, art deco traditions, and the most minimalist or coziest settings.


Octavia Downlight by The Vault



Down lights focus on all the right places

Stylized downlights are a great way to draw focus to some of your favorite pieces of decor when installed over an entry table, cadenza or mantel. The Octavia downlight features three different finishes to choose from: Satin Brass, Matte Black and White. Whether you want your light to be flush with a white ceiling or match your existing decor scheme, the Octavia light is a chic option.

When it comes to living room lighting, versatility in design mixes with practicality to create a winning combination. This blend of form and function characterizes the best in interior design.

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