Nero Chandelier installed in a living room over a couch and coffee table


You won’t see any seismic shifts in home interior design trends in 2019. Instead, designers seem to be pulling forward the best elements of what’s been happening, and mixing them all together with restraint. Settings remain contemporary, but you’ll see a mix in the use of metallics, geometric shapes, romanticism, textures and time periods. All of these stylistic themes have been working hard for the past several seasons, and the look of 2019 is something of an ongoing work-in-progress of some of the best minds in design. 



Futuristic Vibes

Even the most minimalistic layouts have added at least one complex element to draw the eye, and it seems a sense of futurism is one of the favorite choices to spruce up a minimalist home. What you have is something that starts with minimalist’s discipline, yet mixes in vibrant polished finishes and the occasional modern sculptural piece. This décor scheme adds 2019’s colors as touches and accents rather than enveloping the entire environment. All else is white, black, metallic and LED. Designers are taking full liberty to mix and match futuristic forms with other décor schemes.

Branching chandeliers have been a favorite for several seasons now, yet in 2019 we’re seeing a a domination of futuristic-themes and masculinity. The Simone Sputnik for example, offers a semi-adjustable configuration with LED illuminated spikes. This piece toes the line between chandelier and functional art.


Wallpaper inspired by Agate


Focus on the Walls

Wall light treatments have erupted with thousands of options for engaging wallpaper, designed for originality. Photo-realistic wallpaper capturing a sense of raw nature will help create a more sophisticated look. You won’t see palms and sunsets—instead, wallpapers celebrating the striations of agate and marble, or granite’s rich colors and the aged patina of copper. These natural elements create a new dimension—one that not only diversifies the room but also saves money when compared to investing in real marble slabs for your interiors.

You’ll also notice Floral designs with bright colors and warm tones replace some of the more regimented angular patterns and motifs. Daffodils and irises can brighten a kitchen or bath. Faded roses and soft camellias in mauve, pink, plum, and lilac might add romance to a master bedroom.


Starling pendant by The Vault hanging over a dining table


Colors will Set the Tone

The newest popular colors will be rich in pigment, and with a sense of depth. Surprising shades of fuchsia; various tones of rust and brick red. Hues of forest green and navy blues will be the choice for anyone seeking a moody palette, while pops of brilliant chartreuse and Living Coral will serve those who need brighter tones.

Velvet with a deep pile will be a favorite for upholstery and draperies, adding a further dimension to the furniture. Select pieces in Pantone’s popular shades--Greenery, Blue Iris, and Yellow Tigerlily--make richly complex statements about the owner’s taste and the designer’s skills at managing the space. Bold colors bring warmth to neutral palettes and complement contrasting backgrounds.


Alba chandelier by The Vault hangs over a living room


Vintage- Style Lighting

Designers are playing with a new dimension—time. They are focused on introducing antiques, as well as contemporary pieces with an antique or nostalgic feel. The layer of time will be used sparingly, yet creating an incredible impact. Introducing one or two unusual pieces to break up what may otherwise be a more static, 1-dimensional space is key in 2019.

The Alba Milk Chandelier, for example, has the geometry and metalwork that mark current trends, yet the milk glass globes offer a nostalgic Art Deco silhouette. It is precisely engineered with its eight black matte arms stretching out from a satin brass center. Each arm clutches a globe made in milk glass, suiting both a vintage and industrial look. The Alba is perfect for both black and white decors, as well as those with a warmer palette.


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