2019 Paint Colors for Your Home

Parkes chandelier installed in a livingroom
In 2019 paint colors have been varied and diverse, yet with one common thread in common. As a theme, we’re seeing nature’s inspiration by using softer, more subdued versions of past season’s pastels and deep jewel tones. These less-vibrant palettes are easier to match (and look at every day), so designers and home owners have been more open to experimenting with color this year!


Decorators often see color selection as the first step to defining a space rather than just a color selected to match the existing fabric or upholstery.  Color can create a perception of multiple dimensions, and a way to turn a totally open environment into individual spaces.

Lucia Drum shade Pendant by The Vault

Beige, Bone and Stone—oh my!
Designers have moved from the stark white on white to a more natural baseline of neutral beige, ivory and stone grey. A major trend that is emerging is the use of color families to create subtle accents between and within rooms. Rather than using one or two stand out walls, these color families allow for subtle contrast and emphasis without disturbing the overall décor scheme. This tamed and airy palette is perfect for the minimalist at heart.

Our picks:

  • Mist is an off-white shade that features a cool and airy undertone. Perfect for complimenting cool-toned wood.
  • Bone is similar to ivory, only richer and more creamy, offering warmth to the room.
  • Stone offers a mossy-tinted tone to open up the room, and invite nature in.
Isla Drum Shade Chandelier

Diving Deep into Rich Colors
Rich colors offer a sense of full-bodied color with lots of personality--elegant and intense. They create an illusion of depth as if you could reach into the painted wall. These tones embody the feeling of a deep forest jungle--earthy and refreshing, and brimming with life.

Our picks:

  • Deep Sage Green shades work best in large rooms, welcoming visitors to find comfort and calm.
  • Redwood tones make a statement wherever they’re used. They add drama to a foyer, alcove, or architectural feature.
  • Rusts tones bring the earth into the room. They immediately create a cozy, warm, desert rose pleasure.
Redford Chandelier by The Vault

Gray makes a Comeback
For those looking to go darker than beige or stone, 2019 offers hundreds of shades of grey to suit any home. In recent seasons cool grey was seen as over-saturated in the home industry, with designers and customers opting for white instead. We’re now seeing another grey resurgence, but they key is to have a touch of color embedded within the paint.

Our picks:

  • Mushroom Gray is a warm, temperate taupe that beautifully blends with natural elements like wood, hemp and stone.
  • Lilac Grey adds a touch of lavender--just enough color to brighten the room and steer clear of a dreary mood.
  • Greige fits comfortably with both warm and cool palettes, complimented by various metal finishes.



Colorful Kitchen Cabinetry
Retro colors of the 70s are breaking away from the traditional Mid Century styling and making their way into the kitchen. Bold and un-apologetically cheerful, they add an entertaining charm. The bright colors and Latin-themed motifs of the Dolce and Gabanna x Smeg appliance collaboration serve as a beacon of style that we never knew we needed.

Our picks:

  • Dusty Blue works to brighten a small kitchen and invite guests to enjoy the space, creating an easy-going atmosphere
  • Bright Citrine has been more popular than you’d think--You don’t have to go bananas to choose a shade of yellow for your cabinets!
  • Chalky Navy works well with almost any design element and sets a calming, cool mood.
Lamont pendant by The Vault installed in a kitchen

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