Bradford Satin Brass Round Chandelier
Marble decor is one of the biggest retail trends from 2018 and is still going strong into 2019. Have you ever been to a marble farm? It’s a store where you can select marble and granite for your home. It’s a terrific experience that I highly recommend! A quick trip gives you only a slight introduction into the infinite colors and possibilities that this natural stone holds. There are deep black marble tiles, rich reds, burnt oranges, and various white marble slabs. There are so many choices!
Throughout history, Western civilization has been threaded with marble tiles, marble furniture and all sorts of marble accents. From Roman baths to DaVinci statues, marble has always been a sign of permanence, scarcity, and wealth because it isn't found in abundance in nature. Its history is rich with beauty and importance, it's made another huge comeback in contemporary interior décor.
Marble makes a comeback
Marble is an eternal antiquity--it isn't going anywhere. But designers are finding new applications for using marble in cutting-edge design.
From marble subway tiles to all-out marble bathrooms and marble kitchen counter tops, the options are limitless.
Take a look at the Lamont Antique Pendant Light, for example. Its metallic geometry is distinctly contemporary. The smooth antique presents as a 17-inch cube. It brings touches of mid-century modern, industrialism, and minimalism.
The Upton polished nickel pendant does all this with elegance and intrigue. It ads a touch of contemporary style while complimenting other color schemes. It also easily takes center stage while hanging as the focal point over a round marble dining table, white marble countertops or black marble floors.
Classic makes a comeback
The Warren is radically different. It’s a romantic, traditional chandelier in yet simple in its own way. Six curved arms rise from its candelabra base to support classic white shades. It makes a nice addition to any living room, and compliments white marble countertops.
Marble is classic, eternal, impressive, and comforting. It remains a design standard because it is flexible enough to floor bathrooms yet grand enough to adorn temple walls. It's a metamorphic rock created over eons of tremendous heat and pressure. If 2018 ha taught us anything, it's that Marble truly continues to stand the test of time. 

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