Modern contemporary house design begins and ends with one thing--simplicity. Simplicity not only in the visual aesthetic, but also in the ease of planning. Decorating a contemporary style house takes effort, however the end result creates a seamless blend of timeless style and purposeful use of today's biggest trends. The key is to mix a few very of-the-moment pieces with an overall muted and minimalist theme.




Creating a contemporary apartment or home is a balancing act, and striking a balance is what will ultimately define your space as a contemporary style home rather than modern, classic or minimalist. There's a mix of periods and design arithmetic--on one hand you have today's most current, tried-and-true trends. On the other hand you have more minimalist, paired-back pieces that help keep the space from looking over-done. 

Here's how to build a contemporary traditional home with just three key rooms!


Contemporary Style Kitchen

The kitchen is the best place to start because the kitchen is a naturally "minimalist" set up; it exists to provide a functional setting, and everything present should serve a purpose. The first choice should be a bold counter top made of marble, quartz or terrazo. Choose muted colors like white, black or grey. Starting with a bold texture for the counter top will help tone down the rest of your design choices and lets it serve as a statement piece.






Kitchen island pendant lighting should be refined, with a sophisticated edge. Our selection of pendants offer a minimalist silhouette with contemporary design aesthetic-- illuminating the room with light and refined style. With finish options ranging from gold to matte black, there's something to match the overall color scheme of the room. 






Subway tiles are a sure-fire choice, or you can choose to have the counter surface extend up into the back splash. Stray away from loud colors, unnecessary decor and overly-trendy choices for the cabinetry. Classic stainless steel appliances will do best, though black metals will add an upscale touch. Rather than accent colors, add a pop of texture with open wooden shelves, wood cutting boards and wood utensils.





Contemporary Style Dining Room

Again, with the dining room we have a functional space. The difference here is that it's typically meant for entertaining, so while the space must also showcase style and comfort to your guests. In this case we start with the table, only this time the choice should be a more subdued and toned-down choice. Clean, modern lines should highlight the quality of the materials and create a linear eating space. Dark wood or black is best. 






From there, you work in a few statement pieces to diversity the space. A bold chandelier, an antique vase, patterned drapes to center the room. The opportunities are endless, and only two to three main pieces can completely redefine the room. 





Contemporary Style Living Room


In the living room, contemporary style can be achieved by decorating with a subdued palette of grey and beige, ranging from warm taupe tones to cool stone or asphalt. Curtains, sofas and rugs should all be in this color scheme,  The walls are typically white or a barely-there shade of color, though more drama can be added by painting the walls a darker color.  





Hues of gold and brass serve well to add some life to the space. You have some space to be creative and make bolder choices with the lighting choice, coffee table, and wall decor. A large vintage mirror can help breathe some depth into your design theme, while a unique statement chandelier can take your space in a different direction. Choose something large and complex to give your space a grand and luxurious look, or choose something sleek and modern to go more futuristic.





Written by Chelsey Loya


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