Contemporary house design is something most designers strive for, but creating a rustic contemporary house is not something everyone can pull off. The beautiful modern houses of today don't always mesh with a more rugged, dirt-road setting. But when a designer from Oregon finds a fixer-upper nestled in the Southwestern woods, magic is sure to happen.


Two hours outside Los Angeles sits a small mountain town that's home to Emily Henderson's newest project. Built in 1964, the home-y A-frame abode was meant to serve as a quiet retreat from the city, and an outlet for Henderson's love of nature.

The newly-renovated kitchen spares no luxuries typically found in a modern contemporary house, yet still holds true to it's quaint mountainous setting. The show-stopping element is the nearly-floor-to-ceiling cabinetry made of reclaimed Beachwood. The reclaimed wood extends throughout the flooring, creating an endless, seamless look.


Using a salvaged material wasn't the initial plan, but after speaking with Los Angeles-based builder Ross Alan Reclaimed Wood, it became clear that this was the only way to go. Henderson originally planned to use a white Marble surface for the counters, but she eventually went with a paired-back Cambria Quartz to not take away from the bold wood choice.

Made of old corral fence boards, the island was stained a sultry ebony shade to create a stark contrast to the light tones of the rest of the space.  An antique brass faucet accents the otherwise dark hardware installed throughout the kitchen. The matte black wood mixed with the white Quartz counters creates a sophisticated color palette for this woodsy cabin.

In an intentional turn of events, the sink is installed in the island rather than along the conventional counter-top locations. Henderson's thought was to create a more conversational atmosphere during prep and clean up in the kitchen. Why face the wall or window when you can face your guests?

Adding to the thoughtful design is the integrated refrigerator that lies flush with the cabinetry. The space is brimming with other sleek modern accents, like inky matte black contemporary ceiling light fixtures, outlets and switch plates. 

After all the finishing touches came in, it was clear that Henderson fully pulled off this self described "rustic-modern-Scandanavian-contemporary-minimalist-kitchen."

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