Transitional home design may be the key to unlocking an effortless and stylish theme for your home. In lighting, traditional chandeliers can take on more modern forms that help blur the lines between various décor styles. In general, it’s the silhouette and materials that make a chandelier. People seem wired to connect with core values in design, and that keeps classic silver chandeliers popular in interior design.

Chandeliers are an achievement in form and function. The best of them reveal stunning architecture that integrates shape, material and style. But in the age of innovation, there’s also an artistic pull to do something entirely new, yet romantic and nostalgic.





Today’s interior decorators and their clients want three-dimensional lighting that offers visual texture; they want both streamlined silhouettes and flowing, fluid designs. They want pieces to prompt engagement and discussion without overpowering the environment. They crave unique fixtures to suit many different rooms other than a formal dining room.

Chandeliers must meet the proportions of the space. And today’s lighting design offers thousands of scaled-back options to fit the spatial needs of any home, even those with the standard 9 or 11-foot ceilings. Even with today’s larger homes with ever-higher ceilings possess a plethora of ready-to-ship designer options to fill the empty spaces.





The Astoria features a modern wheel design featuring a silhouette reminiscent of a grand age. Dozens of K9 crystal baubles, bangles, and beads. Romantic crystal teardrops, diamonds, and geometric shapes tumble on fine threads from a 30-inch chrome hoop. The hoop suspends from the ceiling base on three fine strands that disappear when the lamp is lit.

The glittering glass pieces hang with apparent randomness--dancing, rustling, and sparkling with the movement of the air. The metallics are strikingly contemporary while the glass evokes classic and glittering images of a more romantic past. Each strand of glitter holding its own above a living room, lounge or a dramatic a master bedroom suite.





The Jade uses similar materials to engineer a very different effect. Mont Blanc glass tubes hang from a silver chrome frame, sitting 39-inches across and flush with the ceiling. From the center, three tiers of glass tubes cascade down from the ceiling in a structured and methodical way. Starkly modern in its material selection and infrastructure, its silhouette also celebrates all the romance of historic tradition.

Engineered and disciplined, it adds an upscale serenity to any placement. The fixture gracefully blurs the lines between design elements of the past and today’s more streamlined artistic direction. Pairing with contemporary furnishings creates a seamless transitional space, at the center of a grand staircase, or softly lighting a living area.





Designers, artists, and engineers have reinvented the chandelier with a contemporary twist on classic silhouettes and newly reconfigured crystal and metallic materials. Nostalgic, romantic, graceful, they are old-school and totally new.

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