Bubble pendant lights are one of the newest trends in interior design. When it comes to pendant lighting in 2019, sculptural, decorative options reign supreme. There are so many different styles and options to choose from that suit any décor scheme. With many designers choosing to focus on matte metals and antiqued finishes, it’s a refreshing change to see a resurgence of starkly-chrome fixtures coming back into the picture.




With the rise of Maximalism over Minimalism, it seems that 2019 is the year of abundance and eclecticism. Why choose when you can have it all? Spring and summer markets showcased unapologetically-polished chandeliers and pendants selling right alongside matte metals and hammered textures. It seems that the lighting world we may be standing at a turning point.



Our new Melrose pendants capture the awe of polished metals with two oblong metallic chrome globes. Available in Silver and Gold, each pendant features 1 globe suspended by a cord from a metallic canopy. When lit up, the pendant glows with a sparkling shine of swirling light, lit by a single LED bulb. The soft glow makes this an artful piece for an entryway, window or hallway.




When the lights are turned off, the metallic chrome surface turns into a fully-opaque mirror—reflecting everything in sight and creating an otherworldly aesthetic. When paired together, they give off the impression of liquid metal droplets hovering in thin air. The lightweight design allows them to twist and sway gently in the breeze, providing a natural sense of movement that highlights the asymmetrical shape of the globes.



Now that minimalist Scandanavian design has reached peak saturation, interior designers are craving something different, something to pull us forward into the future. The warm metals, muted tones and matte black finishes that defined the modern-bohemian style have also left things feeling stale and unexciting. The glamorous futurism of polished finishes might be just what we need to bring things back to life.

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