Modern crystal chandeliers are a classic staple of interior design that have been reworked to suit the hallmarks of contemporary styling. For ages, multi-tiered and richly-decorated chandeliers have been a staple of the grandest homes and public spaces. The design of the Gilded Age called for luxurious chandeliers that were more a statement of wealth than a practical lighting choice.


Contemporary interior design has made room for new interpretations of the classic chandelier, ranging from both strict and streamlined designs to more flowing and whimsical ones. Every small detail can help to redefine the style, creating a fixture that is more current and universally-appealing to the homeowners of today.




Shape is the distinguishing factor of most chandeliers. The classic “palace” chandelier forms a pyramid--an inverted umbrella with the base larger than the top. The infrastructure proceeds in segments with each one accented with glittering trim. The more modern chandeliers of today offer a more minimalist approach. Defined by a single wheel or two, the frame is delicately accented by glass crystals.


Cadenza, for example, offers a modern silhouette that still glitters and shines in true chandelier fashion. A single matte black wheel features a halo of icy glass beading—a true combination of luxury and contemporary design. The Parkes chandelier is similar option, yet more inspired by nature. The black frame is adorned with glass geodes, creating  the look of rock crystal.




Textured elements can also help to offer a more contemporary impression. With Art Deco tradition, the Cassian exudes romance and grandeur. It creates an impression that is more organic and unpredictable with water-look glass. The textured glass flutes are staggered in an asymmetrical placement.




Materials alone can help create a design that is new and original. Some contemporary chandeliers include wood, plastics, metals, and more. Today’s artful elegance is often found in clever assemblages of shapes and materials to fully rework form and function, to design something unexpected.




The Astoria, for one, uses glass ornaments in dozens of shapes and sizes to create a cascading, glittering fixture. Hanging from the circular base you’ll find beads, diamonds, teardrops, and beveled squares in varying sizes--dangling, moving, rustling, and sparkling with charm and invention. The Tremaine also plays on materials to find originality. A loose and waving spiral of faux linen and bronze comes together to create an almost floral-like chandelier. 



The key to reinventing  the classic chandelier design is to play with the silhouette and the materials used. These chandeliers are smart, contemporary, and nostalgic at the same time!

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