Stainless steel Kitchen pendant lights can vary more than you’d think. Whether it’s mirrored chrome finish or satin texture, there’s plenty of room to choose something that is both contemporary and stylish, yet compliments those shiny new appliances.
Stainless steel appliances have dominated kitchen design for the past decade, while those more trendy fads and colors come and go quicker than you can even schedule a contractor. Sleek and easily cleaned, it’s durable and sanitary. It won’t rust or discolor, and it takes a punch in a busy kitchen. The finish washes clean and stays bacteria free which is why it’s so popular in commercial kitchens.
Strong, resilient, and fashionable, stainless steel rules in today’s kitchens. Stainless steel kitchen pendants highlight and complement any kitchen’s theme--here's a run down of some of the best stainless steel pendant lights for your kitchen!

Simply Square
The Maiven takes a different turn with its sharply defined geometry. A symmetrical glitter of crystals. Fresh and bold, clean and angular, this wall sconce is engagingly contemporary and has touches luxury modes. Large enough to light a dining area, yet chic enough to compliment a minimalist design palette.

Multiple Pendants
The Eden is strikingly contemporary yet delicate and graceful. The perfect accent for a kitchen counter, the polished stainless steel finish looks sleek and sophisticated with white or black environments. Fifteen fluted Mont Blanc glass tubes hang as extensions from an angular canopy. The pendants hang at different lengths, offering a harmonious, natural effect.

Go Light as Air
With a a light-as-air appearance, the Loren fixture floats dramatically above a kitchen island, creating the look of a piece of art. It’s an intricately-sculptured knots of glass mimic delicate clouds. The billow of spun glass hovers below a stainless-steel canopy, hanging on thin cables that disappear when the pendant is lit. Loren is refreshingly new and softly romantic to soften the lines and angles of the typical kitchen. Three small 35-Watt bulbs hide in the cloud to disperse the light through the soft curves of the fixture.

Sputnik always Wins
With a star-like and dynamic, Rhome will have your guests talking. A nod to astronomy and astrology, Starling brightens your kitchen with polished stainless steel bolts piercing from its center. Ribbed glass balls decorate the spikes, reflecting and diffusing the light to illuminate your kitchen or dining alcove.
Stainless steel functions well among modern cabinetry, granite counter tops, tile back splashes, and floor designs of every shape and size. With smart shopping, you can find the perfect high end light fixture to compliment your décor scheme.

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