Eden Light Fixture shown installed over a kitchen island


Horizontal light fixtures are one of the strongest trends in contemporary lighting design, creating a linear look that is different than most chandeliers you might see on the market.  Interior design starts when ideas reach paper. It takes lines to capture the concepts of balance and proportion. Lines illustrate where space opens and ends. And, they fill blank canvases with client dreams.

In less dreamy terms, lines define walls, ceilings, and floors. Finer lines place windows, furniture, shelves, picture frames, and lighting fixtures bringing all elements into balance and harmony. The illustration is an intellectual and practical way of realizing ideas allowing designer and client to eliminate pieces, add more, and relocate others until they are mutually satisfied.


Two Eden Light Fixtures shown installed over a kitchen island



People are wired to see vertical lines as bold, reaching, and stretching beyond your perception. The vertical needs some horizontal counterbalance because it is more grounded, safer, and secure. Although vertical lines open the imagination, the horizontal stretch pulls things together.

Eden takes a different approach. It dangles tubes of crystal from its base. The asymmetric glass tubes use light the same way chimes use sound defining a space or differentiating mood and function. While it may light an eating area, it might also separate a formal area from a more informal location. Geometric and horizontally-inclined, the Eden is available in Acid Black, Polished Stainless Steel and Satin Brass.



Rhome literally takes lines in different directions. It’s functional distributing light over a wide area. But function may be the last thing you think of as this sculpture hovers over your dining table. The details, large and small, bring Industrial and Mid-century themes to light a dining room, breakfast area, or living room with a brass, bold, retro, and engaging design.


Rhome Black Light Fixture shown installed over a small dining area adjacent a kitchen


 Lines have a strong influence on any interior design. They create a sense of space, focus the eye, and define the statement you want to make. Linear lighting accents existing lines and/or define new living areas. The impact can be subtle like that brought by the Haydon. It can be graceful yet contemporary like the Eden. Or, it can revolutionize your living spaces like the Rhome. But you might confer with your lighting specialist for advice on size, placement, and proportion.

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