Colors on a naturalist palette ground you. They bring hints of forest, stone, and water. And, they welcome the bold accents you find in that natural scene.
The Sherwin Williams Naturalist palette starts with earth and forest and adds lush, sophisticated tones. Magy Karydes of Forbes writes, “Nature lovers can connect with the wonder of the world in full bloom. This collection’s lush, sophisticated tones poke out from the rainforest as colorful tendrils. Ranging from mushroom to passionate pink, the focus on botanicals is slightly classic, with bold details.”
The naturalist colors and interior design built upon them is a warm response to minimalism. The colors quietly assert their value and relevance, and they create a backdrop that determines proportion and scale, furniture and accents, lighting and texture.
If white and black were hi-tech and futuristic, naturalist colors create reflective and social spaces. They inspire fabrics and fibers, furniture and rugs. They warm, comfort, and relax. We’re not talking animal prints or hunting trophies. But, the palette suggests a sense of belonging, something homebound, and something rooted.
Walls painted Misty (Sherwin Williams 6232) are cool and relaxing. Shitake (SW 9173) is warm and woodsy. Dark Hunter Green (SW 0041) brings in the rich forest. And, they welcome touches of a shocking Eros Pink (SW 6860) or intriguing Primavera (SW 9031)
In the room pictured here, the walls, ceilings, and chairs are nature neutral in a mushroom gray. Still, the carpet has a bright blue geometry, and the distant room has aqua chairs and pink accents.
Overhead is the gorgeous Jade chandelier. Serene and elegant without frills and flourish. A central core of glass pendants hangs 40-inches from the polished nickel base. Surrounding it are two more tiers of crystals.
The geometrically cut crystals capture the light from with and without multiplying its power and visual effect. It evokes an era of style and grace while remaining fully modern and right for the environment shown here.
The Pina pendant makes a different statement. It’s a simple white fabric shade with a twist, as a cluster of crystal balls spill from its center. The crystals reconstruct the contemporary geometry of the shade because they are unexpected.
Stark white and glass, it hangs 40-inches and 26-inches across. Still, when hung in the room shown here, the cascade of crystal is a natural addition to the naturalistic palette coloring floor, walls, and furniture. The Pina's design fits well and adds a personal touch.

The naturalistic palette brings the outdoors in without the wilds of the jungle. Instead, it offers memories of things earthy and organic to create comforting places out of spaces.

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