Luxury Lighting Design Trends from The Vault

New Nordic Design: The Modern Scandi Look
The fabled Oslo Design Fair 2017 introduced designs and colors the reconfigured and refreshed traditions without losing their touch for excellence. Somethings were strikingly simple, and others introduced bold colors. Nordic always starts with whites, bleached woods, and durable fabrics....
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Leather beauty
Leather is such a flexible element. Yes, it bends, folds, and twists. But, it can influence design in hundreds of ways. * Durable. It is durable and may increase in beauty with age and wear. It outlasts most fabrics while...
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The Power of Glass Lighting Design
The power of glass lies in the ability to touch what we cannot see. It is as fragile as an illusion, and it can be shattered just as easily. Its transparency is inviting. Its infinite malleability is engaging. Its ability...
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