Sutton Chandelier by The Vault hangs from a high ceiling in a colorful room adorned with pastel pillows and fresh cut lillies


The 2019 color trends for spring remind us of a decadent summer ice cream cone. These interior color trends are more subdued than pastel, yet more intriguing than earth tones. Pale vanilla and strawberry pink; chalky mint chip, coffee and lemon pudding. Spring's ice cream tones are rich with both color and comfort. They’ve been reserved for baby nurseries and pre-teen girls’ rooms. But, are now flavoring trends in design that are moving away from dark monochromatic looks.

Ice cream colors bring retro nostalgia to contemporary kitchens where even major appliances are now available in mint green and bubblegum pink. They refresh saturated dark décor with memories of good times.


Wallace Chandelier by The Vault hangs above a rustic wood coffee table, with two dusty pink antique chairs.


There’s something of childhood joys in the selection, but the 2019 color trends also suggest a light sophistication, the joie de vive. They are mouthwatering reminders of ice cream parlors. But they also suggest boutique dressing rooms and baths.

Ice cream colors make accent walls pop or provide a new neutral canvas. The paints highlight shelving, woodwork, and furniture. They can add touches of pistachio green, orange creamsicles, and raspberry sherbet. And, the colors may appear in pillows, rugs, curtains, pottery, and other décor elements.


Sutton Chandelier by The Vault has 5 glass arms that hold white fabric shades 



The Sutton is a graceful nostalgic chandelier with the sophistication of classic décor. It achieves that vintage grace simply with five glass arms arching from a center bowl. Clear ribbed glass surrounds the chrome metal stem with gentle curves. The same glass forms the arms that support 40-watt bulbs under white cylindrical shades.

Intimate and cozy, the Sutton hangs 31-inches overall and spreads across 29.75-inches. The neutral tones help create the perfect interior house colors when combined with this ice cream palette. Its white, glass, and chrome fit well with various color schemes.


Jade chandelier y The Vault hangs above a colorful coral pink sofa and a chartreuse painting.

In the creamy penthouse suite pictured below, the Pina light fixture adds a contemporary touch to its classic lines. This pendant is simultaneously traditionally simple and strikingly original. Its plated polished nickel stem disappears into its deep white fabric shade. It could stop there, but the design continues to add personality to the fixture.


Pina light fixture by The Vault hangs in a contemporary penthouse loft overlooking the city




A cluster of glass balls dangles through the bottom of the shade from chains of glass bead for an overall height of 40-inches and diameter of 26-inches. Multiple 40-watt bulbs secreted in the shade brighten the white fabric drum and bounce light off the scores of glass balls.

Ice cream colors are richly flavorful, easily mixed and matched, and refreshingly inviting. Versatile and evocative, they present a fun design trend for the coming spring and summer.



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