Maven Wall Sconce by The Vault installed above two night stands in a bedroom
Bedroom lighting design can be tricky. It takes some work to make a bedroom cozy. Today’s open floor plans, larger rooms, and higher ceilings present a challenge for decorators and lighting designers. Larger spaces are rarely warm and cozy until something is done to affect the sense of proportion.
Your bedroom light fixtures may create or complete your interior design strategy. Like the kitchen, a master bedroom is a functional space. You want the comfort and warmth to debrief, unwind, and sleep. Turning the functional into a personal retreat is a design challenge, and lighting can be your guide. Subtle touches of metal and creatively-used glass add the grace and elegance that makes your room cozy, warm, and personal to you.
And, if your master bedroom is shared, you must collaborate on everything from paint color to light fixtures--especially if ruffles and shams don’t suit your partner’s style. These bedroom light fixtures can help decide your design direction, or complete your vision.
You’ll want colors that comfort you, those you find restful. Regardless if these colors are fashionable or trending, you want colors that warm you. If the room is to be a showplace, you are the first guest to impress. With your color palette set, you select comfortable furniture: large high beds, a chaise, a reading chair.
Ava Futuristic Pendant by The Vault hanging next to a bookshelf, and over a tweed armchair
Additional furniture—tables, bureaus, and chests—might be lighter in scale and color-keyed to the palette. If your colors are deep and rich, offset them with cleaner fabric choices and contrasting accents and textures. If your colors are pale or pastel, you can choose patterns, linens, and light woods.
Galjour Chandelier by The Vault hangs above a large four-post bed
The Galjour, as a bedroom ceiling light fixture, is a grand chandelier that makes a statement. Graceful yet formidable, it is uniquely contemporary and classically elegant for a luxurious experience. A polished nickel stem extends 40-inches through a circle of clear but textured glass panels. The curtains of Hermes textured glass from Murano are rectangles pierced by supports from the central stem and hung in a staggered overlapping sequence.
View of The Galjour Murano Glass chandelier by The Vault
The 32-inch diameter of the upper tier reduces to form the second lower tier. The assemblage creates the illusion of more glass and more tiers. Lit from within by twelve 40-watt lamps, the fixture glows as much as illuminates. Its configuration draws attention to the center and down making it the center of any room like the one shown here.
Galjour Glass Murano Chandelier shown installed in a large master bedroom over the bed
The Valentina as an antique brass ceiling light, makes a different impression. A circular band of brass hangs on fine brass chains from the ceiling base. The antique finished brass band shines brightly, and it’s just wide enough to suggest elegance without overdoing the impression.
Close up view of the tiered glass tubes of the Valentina antique brass ceiling light fixture
The light fixture extends 27.5-inches overall. It’s 28-inch diameter narrows in three successive concentric circles of clear, rounded, triangular glass tube prisms. The central core of prisms hangs directly from the base and reach below the other circles.

Six 40-watt bulbs hide among the glass tiers to bounce light off them, through them, and down their length. In the master bedroom pictured below, the Valentina adds romance and nostalgia to a neutral palette, wood flooring, and textured walls.
Natural lighting is an element to consider as well. Choose drapes and sheers to allow light when you want it and baffle light when you don't. Choosing a single color from the palette, you can shop for layered rugs, throws, and upholstery to polish off the look. 

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