The top 2020 travel destinations offer something for everyone. Whether you're looking for architecture, history, modern wonders or lonely deserts, the new decade has something special in store for you! Go wander off the grid, or explore beneath the sky scrapers. 


Get Inspired: Contemporary Art, Historic Architecture, Modern Food & Culture


Bilbao has made a name for its' self over the past 20 years as the art capital of Spain. The famed Guggenheim Museum serves as the city's water-front focal point, while dozens of smaller yet equally-fascinating art installations dot the city-scape.

This creative haven is easily accessible from nearby San Sebastian, and and you can do a walking tour to see all the most prominent installations in just a few hours. When you're ready to relax, head to the near by wineries to indulge in the favorite local beverage--txakoli wine.


Get Inspired: Historic Architecture, Local Goods & Textiles, Rural Landscapes


If you're looking to go off the grid in 2020, the Blue City of Jodhpur is the place to go. This lively mountain town in India features stunning blue buildings which once served as a class symbol of the Indian caste system. With structures dating back 500 years, the Blue City offers an array of historic palaces, towers, forts and mausoleums to wander through--all poised against the mountainside over-looking the Thar Desert. The city's well known for it's busy open-air markets, unique local textiles and luxurious furniture. Be sure to save space in your suitcase!


Get Inspired: Rural Landscapes, Local Goods & Textiles, Historic Architecture


Another must-see for those looking to go off the beaten path is the colonial Andean town of Salta, Argentina. Original cobblestone streets will greet you, lined with Spanish-colonial architecture and an abundance of local cafes. This quaint city prides its' self in preserving indigenous culture. At the Museo Arqueologiia de Alta Montana you can see pre-Colombian artifacts and mummified Incan sacrifices still in their ceremonial garments.

The surrounding landscape provides days of stunning views and fascinating natural beauties. Plan a photoshoot at the expansive Las Salinas Grandes salt flats, or hike to see the Cerro de los Siete Colores (the Hill of Seven Colors)--both located just a short drive away from the city center. 


Get Inspired: Modern Architecture, Nightlife, Modern Food & Culture


If you prefer to spend your travels wrapped in modern luxuries, look no further than Tokyo. As the host of the 2020 Olympics, this contemporary city is at the forefront of cultural trends in everything from food and music to interior design and architecture. As the world's most populated city, calling it "fast paced" is an understatement. Get your fill of Michelin star cuisine, cat cafe's and retail therapy. When you're ready to Zen out, head to the popular Senso-ji Buddist temple and take a walking tour through the narrow streets of Asakusa. 



Written by Chelsey Loya

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