Fall brings a new phase in home decor, but it doesn't take a whole re-work of your design style to refresh your home. Create an effortless and chic seasonal look with these upscale fall trends!
Light Dusty Tones in Furniture
Fall in 2019 looks different than the previous years. Rather than dark and heavy saturated tones, this year's palette is marked by light, dusty colors that resemble dried grasses and florals.
Typically available in this light creamy tone, boucle arm chairs have become a presence in interior design this fall. This soft knotted textile is perfect for curling up beside the fire. 

Bleached wood is the wood tone of choice for the new decade. This soft hue celebrates the natural variation in the wood, while offering a more modern approach than the rustic walnut and teak tones of the Mid Century trend.




Chunky Textures
Trends that focus around the tactile senses tend to hit big with consumers because they bring a new dimension into interior design. Textures awaken the sense of touch, and during the winter months they play a key role in keeping us warm and bundled up.



Knot pillows are a bit of an avant garde take on the chunky knit trend. Knot pillows are perfect for the modern enthusiast who prefers pillows for decoration rather than actual use.
Another nod to the chunky knit trend, cable knit blankets add a vintage flair to your decor scheme while also providing that functional comfort and warmth. The bigger the better--go large for an exaggerated artistic look.
Branches and Twigs
Full stems and branches are the biggest trend in florals since the fiddle leaf fig. These arrangement create an asymmetrical, natural look that can help bring even the most luxurious spaces down to earth.  


Bare branches help to create a dramatic look for the fall and winter. And the best part--you don't have to worry about wilting! The average lifespan of dried flowers is about 3 months if kept dry and out of the sun.


Magnolia branches make a beautiful addition to any home that craves that lively green tone, even in the fall. The two-tone leaves offer varying shades of green on the top, and a velvety caramel brown on the underside. 





Stools & Poufs
Why wait to start decorating with 2020's biggest design trends? Stools and poufs are a great way to test out emerging decor trends without having to commit to completely re-designing your space. 



Cane stools are coming back in a big way in 2020. Whether you prefer the traditional perforated surface, or something more contemporary and woven, this design trend makes an easy transition into any fall home.

Not ready to fully embrace the Art Deco movement? Give this era a test spin with an art deco pouf. These small beauties pack a big punch and allow designers to add a pop of Deco without over-doing it.


Written by Chelsey Loya


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