Pantone 2020 Color of the year : Bleached Coral
The 2020 Pantone color of the year sets a somber tone for the new decade. Joined by an array of muted earthy hues and rich, forrest-y colors, the new 20's will be a time inspired by nature's influence. The scientific and creative minds of our generation will use design to ponder ideas about sustainability and climate health, and use it as a lens through which we interpret a world changing before our eyes.
Get the rundown on how to use 2020's biggest color trends!
Somber and minty. Bleached Coral brings crisp winter chill for the new decade. The subtle grey undertone presents a clean and modern palette that promotes mindfulness and intention in design. This tone is perfect for the kitchen. The clean and sterile nature of the color help keep things neat and tidy while reminding us of the impact our daily consumption can have on the environment.
Creamy and neutral, Vanilla Custard offers a brighter, warmer approach to the everlasting beige trend. It's cozy and cuddly, and just the right amount of color for a seasonal refresh come the spring months. Use Vanilla Custard for textiles in the home.
Sugar Almond is more deep and mystical than your typical brick red. This tone is the perfect hue to transition from fall into winter, and the New Year. This beautiful natural tone is sturdy and ever-lasting--it reminds of thick cowhide, or the bark of a great redwood tree. Try Sugar Almond for your more permanent surfaces, like cabinetry or a vegan leather sofa.
Written by Chelsey Loya

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