When it comes to bathroom lighting, there are 3 main areas that need special attention— the sink and mirror, shower or tub and the toilet space.
If you are looking for ceiling lights, simple pendant lights and downlights are great options. Depending on your taste, a great space-saving option may be wall sconces.
Darker colors soak up more light, so if you have darker tones in your bathroom, you can look into downlight options. Downlights give you a clear focus on the area you want to highlight the most. Maybe you want to highlight your art, or show off your stone sink design. Downlights add a dramatic effect while brightening up your desired space.
If you have lighter colors preferred in the bathroom, we recommend upward light fixtures. Upward light reflects the light beam all over the room.
Another space to consider giving special attention to is your bathroom tub area.
The Rufus Glass Globe Chandelier Bouquet geometric lighting fixture is perfect for the maximalist at heart. Its satin brass finish creates warmth and style, along with dainty decorative clear glass accents on the stem.
The Eden Single Pendant is one of our classics. This fluted glass pendant light enhances your space delicately. Looking for minimal elegancy? Eden is waiting for you.
Puma Modern Bowl Light is effortless. Its metal shade adds dimension into your chosen space.
When it comes to minimal chic, you cannot go wrong with the Lennox Alabaster Wall Sconce. Lennox has clean lines elevating your bathroom while adding a touch of richness.
Last but not least, our Kessa Wall Sconce. The Kessa comes in a pendant and wall sconce version. If you're looking for a space-saving wall sconce, the Kessa Wall Sconce is perfect for you. Maybe you have a bigger bathroom space, then the Kessa Pendant is also an option. Both light fixtures bring a natural touch with their water shade texture and create a stunning contrast of shadow and light.

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