Today we're going to talk about creating a warm and inviting living space for you and your family using brass pendant lights! 
Imagine opening the door to your cozy living room just waiting for you to relax. Would you ideally be watching a movie or reading a book? Would you be choosing to spend your time alone or with loved ones? Either way, we're sure that our lighting suggestions below will complement your ideal living space.
Lighting is an important element that can turn your house into a home. A good tip to keep in mind is to avoid direct lights and instead use downlights and ambient lighting. By adding subtle warmth with this type of lighting, you can create a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
You can set the mood with three levels of lighting. High light is your main light. This could be a chandelier on top of your dining table. Medium light acts as mood lighting. Wall sconces around the room are an example at they create an overall glow. Finally, we have low lighting which are considered floor and table lamps. 
Think of it this way, you wouldn't want your guests or family members feeling uncomfortable sitting on the couch while having direct light on their faces. This is why you'd use table lamps and floor lamps to accent the room. You wouldn't place direct light on the your sofa or accent chairs. 

Set the mood with Brass

Brass has a warm undertone which is suitable for an inviting atmosphere. Brass light fixtures easily emit an easier, comfortable glow. 
Depending on your needs, here are some of Vault’s all time favorite brass light fixtures. 
The Eden Multi Spot Glass Chandelier is a classic piece for any kitchen or dining room, posing delicately over a table or countertop. Fifteen fluted glass pendants hang in harmony, offering an unobstructed view and enhancing the atmosphere as kitchen pendant lighting over the island, or overhead dining room light. This fixture adds the perfect touch of warm lighting without sacrificing style.
The Rhome Sputnik Chandelier is another lovely option. Its crackle glass adds an authentic look. This Sputnik ceiling light is semi-adjustable and fits perfectly in your dining space. 
The Amande White Globe Ceiling Light is one of our more classic light fixtures. This globe ceiling light has a minimalist touch and when combined in multiples around your living space, it adds a sense of warmth and coziness.
Another one of our favorite wall sconces is Kai. Kai has simple and clean lines. This wall sconce is the perfect combination of materials. The marriage of brass and opal glass bring a peaceful luxury lighting ambiance to your space.
And last but not least, there’s Justine. You cannot go wrong with this light fixture. This modern minimalist wall sconce offers a strong brass body that is bold yet subtle. This light fixture adds an elegant warm look to your space.

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