5 Elegant Pendant Lighting Ideas to Enliven Your Living Space 

Pendant lighting is a great way to add style and function to any living space. 

And when we say any living space, we mean it! 

So, we're going to walk you through a selection of tasteful pendant lighting options you can use in 5 different spaces. As we shed light on each of these options, you can feel free to use them as inspiration for your next lighting project or click on the included links to learn more. 

Choose the Right Pendant Light for You 

Maybe your first question is, where do I begin? There are a couple of factors to consider when looking at pendant lights, which means your answer to this question may differ from someone else's.  

Whatever your priorities are, you want to make sure you choose the type of light fixture that suits the space it occupies. For one thing, you'll want to take special care to match the style or theme of each area. This may sound like common sense, but it's important to keep in mind. You might find a ceiling light you love, but it may not suit the space in which you'll place it. 

For planning purposes, you should also take careful note of the dimensions of the pendant lighting you're considering. One prevalent option that we'll cover shortly is placing light fixtures over kitchen islands. It will be important to find fixtures suitable in size relative to your island. In some cases, a single light fixture might not suit the space as well as two or three, so don't feel limited to placing just one. 

That being said, let's jump right into discussing some pendant lighting fixtures we love to recommend depending on your living space. 


Drake Entryway Pendant Light

Set the Right Tone for Your Entryway with the Drake Pendant Light 

What better place to start than with your entryway? 

The Drake Pendant greets you with modern, sophisticated looks and clean lines. Its black frame and reflective glass diffuser contribute to its strong presence.  

This particular pendant would bring a considerable amount of warmth and moodiness to your space and would be right at home in an especially modern setting or one that readily embraces the dark, earthy shades that are so popular this year. 


Palmer Bedroom Pendant


Liven Up Your Bedroom with the Palmer Pendant Light 

The Palmer Pendant is long and sleek, blending contrasting yet complementary elements of strong architectural form with soft linen to create the perfect lighting option for your bedroom.  

It is exactly this juxtaposition that lends the Palmer its air of sophistication, which might readily be installed over a large credenza or a pair of nightstands should one be so bold.  

Another striking feature is its simplicity, an element sure to enthrall the minimalist within as well as the need to embrace the uncomplicated things in life.  




Accent and Awaken Your Kitchen with the Ura Pendant Light 

The Ura Pendant almost falls into a class of its own with its interesting juxtaposition of both modern and futuristic elements. On the one hand, it's highly geometric, and, on the other, it looks like a piece from the not-too-distant future.  

This ceiling light uses LEDs to bring a unique glow to your space and would work wonders at accenting your kitchen island.  

Plus, the Ura's distinctive open design doesn't present any obstruction over or around the open space of your island, allowing you more perceived room where you need it most.  


Lamont Living Room Pendant Light

Add Art Deco Chic to Your Living Room with the Lamont Pendant Light (On Sale) 

Undeniably industrial, the Lamont Pendant light is a charming attention-grabber and conversation-starter. 

Whether your style is maximalist or farmhouse, this alluring piece is made to incorporate seamlessly into your favorite theme, and will bring special excitement to the vintage kitchen light enthusiast. 

This one comes with two options, either satin stainless steel or satin brass to suit your taste. 

And, as it happens, it's currently on sale for a limited time!  



Kessa Vanity Pendant Light


Luxuriate Your Vanity with the Kessa Pendant Light 

The Kessa Pendant light is both timeless and playful.   

It is highly geometric, and its strong resemblance to a clear, precious gem makes it all the more suitable for space above a lovely vanity.  

Yet, despite its geometry and gemstone-like appearance, its textures are gentle, especially the water texture glass, contributing to the light's softer glow. 

Complete with a warm brass finish, this piece is currently only available through backorder due to high demand.  


Want to See More?  

While these lights are our personal favorites to recommend for these spaces, the choice is, of course, always yours.  

Whether your style is more farmhouse, maximalist, traditional, minimalist, modern, etc., we have plenty other options from which to choose, including: 



The Lucia Fabric Shade Pendant, a more traditional lampshade ceiling light enclosed within a stylized satin brass cage. This would be a solid choice for a living room or even the right large hallway with multiple lights in a row. 



If you have any questions about the pendant lights mentioned in this article or about how to get started with finding and choosing the right pendant light for your living space, we're more than happy to help. Simply shoot us an email at info@vault-light.com or use the contact form here https://www.vault-light.com/pages/contactus to reach our knowledgable representatives. 


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