Entryway Lighting

Who doesn’t love a perfect entrance/ entryway light fixture when you walk into a house? Our Melrose Metallic Bubble Pendant Light is perfect to create that modern, artful touch. The Melrose Bubble LED Pendants come available as a single piece, or you can always group them to create a modern pendant lighting look. The polished chrome surface acts as a mirror which is an art piece itself and its asymmetric shape gives a futuristic look. When the light is turned on, it shines and effortlessly catches all the attention for the perfect first impression. And do not worry, this effortless beauty will be back in stock in November 2022.

Bathroom Lighting

We know… Not many of us think about the bathroom lights in advance, however, a light that fits changes the feeling completely. Bathrooms need to be a place where people can relax, lay down in the tub and release all the tension after a long day. A strong downlight might create a glare and might not be the best option. But we also need a downlight to have a well-lit bathroom. That’s why we cannot dismiss downlight completely. This is when our Octavia Downlight comes in handy. Our sleek and effortlessly chic Octavia Downlight comes in two colors, matte black and satin brass. When applied towards the corner, the Octavia light fixture creates a cozy atmosphere.

Kitchen Lighting

We believe the best complimentary setup for your kitchen is aesthetically beautiful lights over the island or kitchen tables. One of our best kitchen island pendant lighting bets is the Eden Multi Spot Glass Chandelier. Eden comes with three color options; acid matte black, satin stainless steel, and satin brass. This classic, delicate piece would create an effortless glamour for your family and guests.

Bedroom Lighting

Choose soothing and functional colors for your bedroom to create a warm and inviting space. Our Solis Alabaster Wall Sconce is executed in a way that creates that favorable bedroom lighting with a romantic and warm vibe. Solis Alabaster Wall Sconce has a satin brass frame that holds a 7" resin faux alabaster disc, poised in a chic luxury sconce silhouette. When this modern sconce light is lit, an array of light shines through marbled veins and creates that romantic feeling. Imagine reading your book and settling down for the day while having this beautiful wall sconce on the sides of your bed. Designed for that romantic and meditative vibe in your bedroom.


Living Room Lighting

For your living space, a beautiful chandelier that would never go out of style would be perfect. This is where our Quentin Hoop Chandelier would create a minimalist, elegant and artful touch. Quentin comes in two different colors; satin brass and oil-rubbed bronze. The four different layers and degrees create an effortless aesthetic living room lighting look while creating a touch of luxury and carrying the space to the next level. Create the effortless luxury look with Quentin Hoop Chandelier, minimalist yet futuristic. 

Lounge Lighting

For your lounge area, we suggest a sophisticated organic shape. Rhome II Pendant would go perfectly for a contemporary look. The special aspect of the Rhome II Pendant is that this pendant would perfectly fit into any space, whether you want to create a modern luxury lighting look or choose  simplistic and Wabi-sari vibes. It uplifts the room and brings freshness.
The best is yet to come; you can use your Rhome II Pendant as single or group them together for a stronger lighting experience.

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