Lighting Fixtures for Upcoming Seasons


Summer is not over yet! Especially if you are located in beautiful, sunny California as we are. We are lucky to feel summer-like weather throughout the year. For summer, we suggest a less is more approach to your luxury lighting fixtures. Our Vulcan Modern Bronze Pendant is the perfect match for your outdoor area.  

The Vulcan Modern Bronze Pendant creates a dramatic lighting experience for your summer nights. Friends gathering, barbecue nights, you name it, this pendant that will help you create visual interest. The Vulcan Modern Bronze Pendant is available in two colors; brass and bronze for your preference. The Vulcan Modern Bronze Pendant will add the perfect light to your patio, gazebo or walkway. 


Fall is around the corner! We need to get ready and start organizing that beloved cozy ambience at home. Festive vibes are the best when it comes to the fall season. Who doesn’t love enjoying family time for the holidays? Spend a great time with loved ones and create unforgettable memories. The Kessa Sconce would most definitely help you with ambient lighting. Kessa is playful and just the right fit for those festive vibes. The Kessa Sconce’s water texture surface creates a stunning contrast of shadow and light while creating a warm and delightful atmosphere for you and your loved ones. 


Winter is a great season to stay in, take a break from the outside environment and ideally cuddle with your furry friends or family members or both! This season could possibly be the longest period  out of the year you spend at home, so why not create a warm soft glow for your home with a luxury wall sconce? The Anise Gass Wall Sconce is the perfect statement maker. Anise’s effortless beauty would also impress your visitors. Its chic design almost mimics a snowflake, it’s simple yet elegant. The Anise Glass Wall Sconce comes in two colors; satin brass and matte black to perfectly elevate any room.



After a long winter, everyone is excited about warmer weather. Spring is the season of new beginnings, it feels light and promising. The Jeremy Alabaster Pendant is ideal to create a smooth and peaceful pendant lighting experience. The Jeremy Alabaster Pendant is made from natural materials, which is another reason why this light fixture is perfect for Spring. Each pendant has unique veining of its own so no two Jeremy pendants are alike. Your Jeremy pendant would be yours and yours only! Fresh and uplifting vibes are ready for your house. 

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