These examples of Vault bedroom lights will enhance the style and function of bedrooms 
 You could say the Bedroom is the most sacred space in the house. It should be the space of tranquility, relaxation and rejuvenation. It is as some may say, a spiritual sanctuary.
A bedroom's design could have direct impact on your sleep. How many of us feel distracted or even stressed in a cluttered room? To create that calm, inviting and rejuvenating space, eliminating direct bedroom lights may help. Ideally warm and natural colors would create the restful place which is welcoming and relaxing.
 Everyone has their own unique preference when it comes to decorating the perfect master bedroom or the guest bedroom, and we are here to help uplift your space with light fixtures that are both stylish and functional.
Keeping in mind what makes you feel peaceful and at home can be helpful. Your bedroom is the first space where you start your day, so creating something mindful with the right light fixtures is important as it can affect your overall mood throughout the day. 
 Bedside lamps are one of the first lighting fixtures that come to mind when it comes to the bedroom.  You can thank us later for bringing these beautiful bedroom light options to your attention.


Rhys' bold frame and base make it a bit statuesque. Its minimalist design definitely catches attention and makes a statement. Its wooden body adds perfect warmth and sets an inviting feeling while adding ease to your space. 



Liam’s rectangular shape brings stillness into your bedroom. The oversize shade blends seamlessly with your home decor. Liam helps keep you grounded while adding a sense of calm to your space.

Wall sconces are also a very popular bedroom lighting option. They could be installed on the sides of your headboard or sides of a mirror. Whatever bedroom wall space you decide on, we have great wall sconce options for you. The Rylan Alabaster Moon Wall Sconce or Kai Opal Wall Sconce could be two great choices for your bedroom.



The Rylan Alabaster Moon Wall Sconce is definitely an eye-catcher. It is designed to create a softer kind of light, while setting a romantic yet natural atmosphere. Rylan’s texture adds more depth and dimension to your bedroom.


The Kai Opal Wall Sconce adds visual comfort to your space. It is a mixture of chic lighting with detailed craftsmanship. This lighting really sets the mood. It is a beautiful light source complemented with textured metalwork.
Pendant lights can also be a great addition to your bedroom. Pendant lighting can be used to enhance a reading nook, hung on either side of your bed or on top of your vanity, it is a great option to create ambient lighting. 


The Knox Pendant light is the perfect contemporary lighting option to complement your bedroom design. Creating shadows in your space is as aesthetically important as the light itself. The Knox adds a soothing dimension while adding a new perspective to your space.
Depending on the mood you want to establish we are here to bring you the best, aesthetically beautiful and functional luxury lighting into your bedroom.

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